Hybrid: fuse or buy dna? w/c is cheaper

Is it better to buy or fuse?

I would say buying it is cheaper. First because you will need two lvl 40 dinos to get one hybrid. So thats 8 lvl 1 dinos * DNA price + 8 lvl 1 dinos * DNA price. On top of that you need to take in consideration the fusion price which is not possible to predict. You only know that you will need to fuse 15 times. 7 times for each dino to get to lvl 40 and then one more fuse to fuse the dinos into thenhybrids. 7 + 7 + 1
And this is the minimum.


And the food and time you need to put in to them as well.


And again I have another approach. I hatch and evolve almost everything I can because I think it’s a major part of the gameplay…and it gives me fun.
Once I have a lvl 40 plus at least one lvl 10 of both creatures needed I make a hybrid.
Is this effective? Most probably not, I’m sure there are several statistics possible that show me the opposite.
But I like doing it. Not everything in a game is about efficiency, some things are just about having fun.


@Tommi I am partial to your approach. I’ve played in the same manor.

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Buy is definitely cheaper