Hybrid game

People that have birthdays in this month (February at the time of making this) recommends dinosaurs that everyone else must make hybrids of.
Best if you reply to the comment to avoid confusion
Have fun

I might as well start even if my birthday isn’t in February
Use kentrosaurus

Can we choose the other ingredient?

kentro and titanoboa g2
(i’m terrible with balancing stats and abilities. Please let me know if it looks too broken)
Rarity: Legendary
4300 HP
1200 attack
120 Speed
0 armor
10% crit

Shielded Decel Strike
Precise rampage
Instant Distraction
Precise Decel Impact
( 1.5 damage. slows target for 2 turns. Bypass cloak and evasion. Cooldown 2)

Immune to distraction
On Escape Dust Cloud

and thinking something similar to this for looks

4567 characters