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Hybrid idea #10: Megalaspinus

This hybrid is a sort of special. We reached Milestone 10!! The ingredients of this hybrid were freshly, Greatly, Picked by @Snake_Dude.
Spinosaurus 2020

so: Megalanaspinus (Mega-Lina-Spine-Us)…
Here’s the fun facts about it:
Megalanaspinus Was Made in a way I call “Random fusion”.
Random Fusion is when a group named The Golden eagle Fuses two creatures without Ingen knowing. The process is dangerous. What they have to do is run up to a dinosaur, Inject dna in it and instantly run away. The group Had to run up To a megalania, And Stab it with a dart that includes spine DNA. Later, that megalania fell asleep, And mutated over time. They also Mutated another megalania so that they can breed and increase their popularity.

And like always, Credits to the Amazing Artist @Snake_Dude for making this art.


That’s nice ideas!

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