Hybrid idea!

I have a really good hybrid idea

This is the first version. Feel free send tips or ideas of you own. I may post other versions or ideas of looks but I hope Lidia will take a look

Unfortunutly, stegodues is already a super hybrid. So it wont get another hybrid


Oh. Do they not have super hybrids with hybrids?

Super hybrids wont get hybrids, only normal hybrids will have a chance to get a super hybrid

unless Ludia makes a class above unique and sets it at lv 26 base. :wink:


Hmm… Ardentismaxima + Marsupial lion hybrid anyone?

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Lol that’s a bit op

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definite rending attack anyone?


What if I swipity swapped stegodeus with toijangosaurus


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It could be a legendary

It could, since some legendary hybrids need only commons to make, a common and rare creature making a legendary hybrid could be plausible.

dsungaia uses a common and a rare, so it is very plausible.


Oh, I forgot that dsungia existed lol

you don’t see many due to how rare dsungaripterus is.

i some how also forgot about tyrannolophosaur.


So I think if we changed stegodeus to toijagosaurus it could work. I think the art can stay the same because they are very similar. What do you think

Not going to lie, I was thinking about coming up with Hybrid Ideas as a thread myself. Mainly because I would like to see some new hybrids. Plus dinosaurs like Allosaurus, Denocheirus, and I think a couple of others, be used to become a hybrid with another dinosaur, instead of just being utilized for legendary hybrids.

Toijangosaurus is an Epic, so combine it with Allosaurus (common), yeah it would be a Legendary, so you could if you wanted combine it with another, but it would have to be another common since it stops at unique.