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Hybrid Ideas for 1.13/2.0

I’m sure we all took note that 1.12 was… light on content… to be diplomatic. Here’s some ideas I had for hybrids for the next update, feel free to share yours as well!


• Sidestep
• Lethal Wound
• Instant Pinning Strike
• Raking Claws
• Wounding Counter
• Immune to Deceleration
• On Escape Evasive Strike
~3300 HP
~900 Attack
~130 Speed
~5% Critical

Thoughts: It regains a counterattack from its Tupan ancestry in the form of Wounding Counter. While it has a meager attack stat, the bleed damage it can do while evading non-immunes is catastrophic. Kelenken seems like a perfect fit with Dimodactylus IMO.

Skoolasaurus(L20)+Titanoboa GEN 2(L20)

• Shielded Decelerating Strike
• Venomous Strike: (1X, Precise. Distract 1 turn, Slow 1 turn) D: 0, CD: 0
• Nullifying Rampage
• Distracting Rampage
• On Escape Dust Cloud
• Swap in Nullify
• Immune to Distraction
~4400 HP
~1100 Attack
~115 Speed
~30% Armor
~10% Critical

Thoughts: A tanky, multi-role unique with utility of swapping in to nullify effects or pressure as a sweeper with On Escape Dust Cloud. Jack-of-all-trades like the pre-nerf monostego.

Stygimoloch GEN 2(L10)+Majundasuchus(L10)

• Persistent Ferocious Strike
• Short Defense
• Instant Charge
• Ferocious Strike
• 1X Armor Piercing Counterattack
~3250 HP
~1000 Attack
~117 Speed
~5% Critical

Thoughts: Majunda absolutely deserves a superhybrid, and this one seems to be a good fit in my opinion. It’s not very survivable, but it can build up to 150% (FS->PFS->PFS) buff damage if it somehow survives that long. It’d be pretty attainable for lower level players, and something else to do with all that Stygi2 DNA if you don’t like daryx. It’s color scheme would also probably be sick


• Evasive Strike
• Ferocious Strike
• Distracting Impact
• Instant Distraction
• Nullifying Counter (Does not deal damage)
• Immune
~3600 HP
~1350 Attack
~131 Speed
~5% Critical

Thoughts: This would be what I’d assume is an logical progression over Pro-rat. Now it’s nullify is available all the time even when other moves are used, and it can buff its damage. Hopefully I didn’t make this overly obnoxious.


• Minimal Speedup Strike
• Ferocious Impact
• Debilitating Distraction
• Precise Pounce
~3400 HP
~1450 Attack
~128 Speed
~5% Critical

Thoughts: It swaps out mobility for more damage potential. Not a straight upgrade, but more of a side branch of the original. I feel like this end result is more in-line with its Charlie ancestor.


• Distraction
• Distracting Impact
• Rending Takedown
• Definite Shield Advantage
• 20% Rending Counterattack
• Immune to Deceleration
~3800 HP
~1400 Attack
~126 Speed
~10% Critical

Thoughts: A fulfillment to what Alloraptor began, an anti-thesis raptor. Instead of dreading tanks, this raptor is built to destroy them with heavy rending damage and deceleration immunity. It would be easily countered by the faster creatures in the game. Hopefully it would stay blue.

I’ve got a few more ideas here and there, but that’s enough from me in one post :sweat_smile: forgive any “gross miscalculations” :laughing:

What hybrids would you like to see come in the next update?


Purrolyth Gen2
Mobile tank
Defense shattering strike
Cleansing impact
Ferocious strike
Medium guard-gain 50% shield for 3 turns cool down:3
No escape
Minor rending counter


Welp, I was gonna make my own post for Hybrids, but this seems like a good place as any to spew out ideas. This one’s rather long and detailed, sorry about that.

There was a Unique hybrid that I made up a couple of weeks ago, regarding Alanky. I made a moveset that would’ve made it OP in its own right, but also didn’t make sense as well.

Anyway, I like making hybrid concepts like a lot of the peeps here in the forum, so I’d like to just spew some stuff here, if it’s alright.

First one - Ankylocodon + Alanqa = Alanqacodon (Rarity Undetermined)

Now, I’m not sure if this could be Legendary or Unique. But, Ankylocodon getting a Legendary hybrid doesn’t sound too bad.

Now, for stats.

Both dinos are close in terms of health and attack, so either one might not be too bad. Of course, the hybrid I’m thinking of might be a bit trolly, so to spare our sanity, I’ll go for the lesser HP. As much as I hate making legendary hybrids with an attack equal or lesser than 1000, with the moveset I’m implementing, I fear people will demand lesser attack. So for this hybrid “first draft”, I will go for 1050. Seems like a decent medium. The rest will be as follows.

Health: 4200
Attack: 1050
Speed: 116
Armor: 25%
Crit: 10%

Now for moves:

Vulnerability Strike
Armor Piercing Impact
Decelerating Rampage
Long Defense

Passive: On Escape Dust Cloud

Now, this moveset is a bit unusual, but it makes sense. Vulnerability Strike and Long Defense is a throwback to Anky G2’s moveset. Armor Piercing Impact is directly from Ankylocodon, and the Decelerating Rampage is a meshed upgrade of both Ankylocodon’s Decelerating Impact and Alanqa’s plain Rampage. While ‘On Escape Dust Cloud’ is, admittedly, a current signature of Titanoboa G2, this a reference to Ankylocodon’s in-game description:

When you think about it, it makes sense for a hybrid creature, who’s ancestor supposedly slams the ground with their tail during combat to throw dirt around in the process, would make a creature who would do the same thing. Of course, that’s assuming the battle might be on dry ground. But I digress.

There may be no SI-Invincibility or Long Invincibility in the moveset, but OEDC puts up an Invincibility Shield every time someone switches out. The shield could be put up without you having to go through the process of swapping around to activate your own shield. And if your opponent can’t deal with any type of shield, then they have problems. Of course, it will have major trouble with Immunes and Nullifying creatures.

The idea is to have more creatures that will use Vulnerability to their deadliest. So far we have 4 normal, 4 rare creatures, 3 Epics and 2 Legendaries who use it. That’s 13 creatures altogether. And I almost never see them in a team. Not even the Tournaments. At least the majority of them. Admittedly, this birb does seem like too much for the some hybrids, like, say, Rajakylosaurus, but there are plenty of creatures who can deal with shields and armor. I believe that, while the Immunity would’ve been nice, it would be too much for the most of us to handle. Especially when there is such a debate about immunity and self buffs.

So what do y’all think about this? Too much?.


I like it very much and with this hybrid i can get rid of the useless alanqa dna that i have. The only thing that i find weird is that it doesn’t possess immunity since ankylocodon is fully immune. If you don’t want to give him full immunity go for partial.

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I would’ve done full Immunity, but I was afraid of peeps saying that it was over the top. I’d very much prefer a full Immunity, but in case there are those who oppose, I’m going towards Immunity to Distraction. Leaning towards to he addition of an immunity to Deceleration, what do you think?

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I would say since it has a decel move and low speed immunity to decel is good. Now about immunity to distraction I’m not sure if others they will find it too much but i like it. That way creatures with stunning moves would be a good counters for him and the stunners would have again some purpose.

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Oh really? Welp, then Immune to Deceleration it is. And I’m such a silly dino, I mentioned it being an Epic hybrid, when Alanqa is already an Epic creature, so her hybrid cannot be Epic. I can’t believe I skipped over that twice. So the Hybrid would have to be Legendary or Unique by default.

With that in mind, I might be tempted to boost the attack…

Love most of these, particularly Allovenatrix. The only one I take issue with is the Proceratho hybrid. Ferocious AND distracting Rampage seems like a bit much to me, maybe distracting Impact, so it doesn’t hit too hard. Allovenatrix. Just love that name. The whole concept too. Feels like you took a lot of time working on that one, a great Dino that does Alloraptor justice and preserves its function, while also remaining reasonable to deal with.


Thanks! It’s probably my most desired hybrid, I really hope alloraptor will be done justice in the future with whatever it gets.

I figured Promimus’s hybrid might be too strong lol. It needs a superhybrid, but man it was not easy finding a way to make make it even more useable without going over the top. Thanks for the input :+1:

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Yeah, that one seems tricky.
A) Find a good Dino
B) Mesh the move sets well
C) Make sure it’s worthy of its legendary status
D) Make sure it’s better than Proceratho
E) Make sure it doesn’t overshadow top Tier Uniques

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@DinoMaster3000 love all the ideas, one or two are a bit iffy but the rest are great.

Regarding Scolobasilisk, it’s nice that this hybrid line finally gets back Skoolasuchus’ speed control, but I really think A Skoolasaurus Unique should retain the move Distracting Rampage.
Why? After the delay was introduced, the move’s fallen completely out of relevance, traded for Distracting Impact. Procera and Monomimus are the only hybrids I can think of that have it.
Plus there’s already Magna, Rinex and Rhino as Uniques with Distracting Impact, and we wouldn’t want to have it on too many Uniques now, would we?

Now, first-turn damage reduction is great and all, hence why only Procera and Monomimus have the move: they can use it in combination with other damage-mitigation moves, as opposed to on its own.

I know it’s a bit of a creative dilemma, but I think it’s important that we try to come up with something, preferably that doesn’t involve giving it 2 Distraction moves.

Secondly, I always picture Skoolasaurus when I think of Nullifying counter for some reason, I don’t know why. This isn’t really relevant, but maybe I’ll come up with a hybrid of my own for it.

Lastly, I love that you gave Allovenatrix Definite Shield Advantage, it definitely deserves it.


Skolobasilisk #2

4400 HP
1000 base damage
116 speed
30% armour
10% critical chance

•Shielded Decelerating Strike
•Dust Cloud*
•Nullifying Rampage
•Distracting Rampage

•Immunity to Distraction
•Venomous Counter
•Swap-in Nullification.

*Invincible for 1 turn, +50% damage for next 2 turns.
Delay- 0 turns, Cooldown-0 turns.

So, what do you think? I think Venomous counter helps with the surviveability issues that a tank without 1st-turn Distraction might have, and it makes the hybrid more swappable. And also, it’s a basilisk! It needs venomous counter.
I think Nullifying Rampage is an upgraded version of Precise Rampage.
The only thing mine sacrifices is 1st-turn damage, and it has lower base damage, to compensate for the self-buffing and what not.
Yes, I turned Dust Cloud into an actual move. That allows it to gain the Immunity along with the counter and SIA, without being too over-the-top.

Unfortunately, it’s no longer a jack-of-all trades.


Awesome ideas!

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Thanks for using one of my ideas :grin:

I do prefer the Null Rampage and Distracting Rampage combo. Good call. I just worried about it being like Diloracheirus with a weak turn 1 that would limit viability.

I also thought about a new strike idea it could have: Venomous Strike. It could distract 1 turn and slow 1 turn while hitting precisely.

I do like the fit of having venomous counter, but it pins the opponent so you wouldn’t be able to get use out of On Escape dust cloud too often. Although having Dust Cloud as an actual move is very intriguing :thinking: I like that!

It gives me an idea for something else actually that’s not entirely related lol

I’m going to adjust my original Skolobasilisk based on your input :+1:

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Same. Dust cloud with wounding counter is a great combo. The concern of low 1st round damage could be offset by replacing nullifying rampage with decelerating rampage, and nullifying strike remain inherited from skoola instead of decel shielding strike. It can beat up a lot of existing tyrants already, maybe a few exceptions such as the twin towers(not gonna jinx for a nerf on them here). Hence I think its base dmg can stay as is.

Very cool and unique ideas. I particularly like the concept of allovenatrix(awesome name) and gammasuchus. Now about prograthomimus i see you made a change to his kit, distracting rampage for impact right? A very good change since with a ferocious rampage this thing would be a monster. Skolobasilisk i would love to see some art for this one, overall another interesting hybrid. The only thing i personally find kinda meh is majundamoloch but then again it’s just an epic.

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Yeah I thought similarly that Majundamoloch isn’t meant to be a big deal, I tried for about scaphotator level. An epic superhybrid shouldn’t really be groundbreaking in my opinion. A gateway high alpha-ish hybrid that can hold you over until you get some real heavyweights.

I’ll try and do a quick sharpie sketch of Skolobasilisk at some point, maybe all of them :+1


I really just want a legendary Majundsuchus hybrid that improves on how awesome he already looks and gives him an actually good moveset. Also a unique procerathomimus hybrid. They could make the hybrid pretty good, then nerf procera so that everybody goes for the unique.

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I have an idea for a unique hybrid for procerathomimus + agilosaurus (new dino) :
Hp 2800, damage 1600, speed 130
Evasive strike, distracting impact, null impact, Instant distraction. Immune
What do you think