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Hybrid Ideas for 1.13/2.0

I can entertain that notion.

Baryonyx + Majundasuchus = Majundonyx (Legendary)

Health: 3400
Attack: 1200
Speed: 124
Crit: 20%


  • Cleansing Strike
  • Long Defense
  • Ferocious Impact
  • Defense Shattering Impact


  • Precise Counter Attack (1x)
    -Swap in Ferocity

There we go. A hybrid with a bit survivability and the potential to chomp away a good chunk out of anybody’s health. While Distraction and de-buffs in general is always a worry, it has the chance to clean it away. I personally like the crocodilian look Baryonyx and her cousins have, so that’s why the Precision is a thing - I would like to suspect that the narrow jaws aid with some sort of accuracy. And I know that Swap-in abilities are now riskier, but it isn’t Majundasuchus hybrid (imo) without the SI-Ferocity.

These are my other couple of ideas.


• Defensive Stance
• Bellow
• Definite Strike
• Decelerating Rampage
• On Escape Heal
~5600 HP
~1000 Attack
~104 Speed
~15% Armor
~5% Critical

Thoughts: There is no Rare rarity hybrid sauropod, and I think there should be more diversity at the low end. This hybrid is no superstar, but I’m sure beginner players would enjoy having a HP beast that they can stick with easily until they climb the ladder.


• Superiority Strike
• Battle Stance: (Cleanse. Slow Opponent 50% 2 Turns, Invincibility current turn, 33% Ferocity 2 turns, unlocks Crushing Blow. Stance is active 3 turns) D: 0, CD: 2
• Crushing Blow: (Can only be used with Battle Stance active. Priority. 3X Hit) D: Locked to Battle Stance Duration, CD:1
• Rampage&Run
• Immune to Swap Prevention
~4000 HP
~1200 Attack
~124 Speed
~5% Critical

Thoughts: So this is the wild idea I had from @Qaw post :laughing: What if Instant Rampage went a step further? Of course it would need some kind of check to avoid being OP, so behold! The 2 stage battle stance, crushing blow combo! Let me know what you guys think if it’s too strong or not strong enough. I think it would be very interesting in the arena and warrant the classification “Unique.” If I calculated correctly, Crushing Blow can be used twice during Battle Stance if you use it after activation.


• Shielded Decelerating Strike
• Bellow
• Armor Piercing Impact
• Armor Piercing Rampage
• Swap in Heal
• 1X Counterattack
• Immune
~4200 HP
~1000 Attack
~107 Speed
~20% Critical
~30% Armor

Thoughts: Ankylocodon is another hybrid long deserving of its super hybrid. I know the counter attack seems like it came out of no where, but I think the same “spikes” principle that gives Miragaia a counter should apply here. I think this follows the natural progression of its roach-like predecessor in being difficult to get rid off. It’s slow speed ensures its demise at the hands of chompers and renders.

I think that’s about all the ideas I’ve got until we get some new animals to throw in the mix

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I think rhacopachy is a worst version of his parent. You gave him no turn 1 good multiplier and the only away to use your 3 damage move is to go for a non damaging move that does nothing to it with that low speed.

Wait, so if the opponent used SI-Nullification to get rid of Battle Stance, but the Rhacopachy already selected Crushing Blow, what would happen? Would it lose a turn?

By my logic I guess it would seem that way lol. Maybe a 2 stage move isn’t possible being too easily countered?

I’m curious, how would you guys do it?

It gives me another idea though of how the stance could work. Maybe the stance could be activated and it changes the other 3 moves to more damaging ones instead of just one huge move for like, 3 turns?

Perhaps a passive ability that alters the creature’s stats each turn? Or a move that does that.
This is an idea I had for Dimetrodon, since it could warm itself up and have its stats raised. You wouldn’t be able to nullify those changes, since they directly affect the stats.

Or perhaps it could have really good stats and moves, but due to its Passive be debuffed on entry, so it has to get rid of them before reaching full potential.

Perhaps it could be one move that has a really good buff, but if you don’t use it right kills the user. Then you’re left dependant on one of your other moves to try and prevent the user’s death so it gets to actually use the move.

You could give a creature the following move:

Even further beyond (placeholder): Critical chance +45% for next 3 turns, deal +100% damage for next three turns, speed increased by 50% for 3 turns, user takes 1x max HP as DoT.

Now, this move doesn’t really mean anything without context, so it would be on a creature that isn’t Immune to DoT, one with a 5% crit chance and Devouring moves (check out my post on the new moves thread; basically, rending moves that Regen the amount they deal) and the ability Gluttony (again, new moves thread; basically, they allow the user to keep any HP regenerated beyond max HP, until swapped out).

All you’d need to do is revenge-kill with a Devouring move, without taking damage and you’re good to go.
Coupled with a lowish damage stat, yet a good multiplier move or two, this could have some interesting results.

Devouring moves aren’t the only way to do it. Again on the new move thread, I came up with Vampiric moves, DoT based on user base damage, that allow it to Regen. That with the Passive Gluttony would also work, and since that would be on a naturally speedy, low-stat bleeder, you could cut the speed-buff out of the move and leave it as it is, naming it Blood rage or something.

Actually, that gives me an idea.
Vitality Drain: Deal 1.5x base damage as DoT for 1 turn, regenerating the same amount. Nullify positive effects. Any buffs transferred to user.

How about that?

Edit: Add Regenerate 100% max HP to Even further beyond, but after the DoT. This means if the user doesn’t have >max HP at the time of use, they die, but if not, they aren’t left easily one-shottable.


You could add Icaronycteris/Onychonycteris to the game, then give it a hybrid with Dimodactylus:


-2900 HP
-950 base damage
-131 speed
-5% critical chance

•Precise Minimal Speedup Strike
•Vampiric Drain
•Distracting Impact
•Blood Rage

•Venomous Counter
•SI-Vitality Drain

Blood Rage is so situational it wouldn’t need a Cooldown or Delay.


I’ve been looking into different dinos, and out of the blue, wanted to make a Rare Hybrid with Stegosaurus. I mean, she’s got an Epic and a Legendary hybrid, why not a Rare?

Something easy and fun for the beginner players to create and use. Nothing OP, but good enough to get them through the arenas until the better dinos/hybrids are made.


Health: 3300
Attack: 1090
Speed: 117
Armor: 20%
Crit: 5%


  • Superiority Strike
  • Distraction
  • Ferocious Strike
  • Decelerating Impact

Sorry if the Distraction doesn’t make sense, but I couldn’t find another move that could fit properly. I mean, I suppose it would be like Megalogia, with literally every move slowing down the opponent… Should it keep Decelerating Impact, or should it go back to Thagomizer? I honestly would like this hybrid to keep the Suchus design, cause a creature like that with spikes kinda looks lit.

Blep, I’ve been entertaining the idea of Dsungia having a hybrid, despite me not even being able to get the thing to level 20, let alone team level. I’m a sucker of the bleed mechanic, so prepare for a Unique hybrid that will make all the non-Immunes cringe.

Presenting, Suchostagia (Unique)

Health: 3400
Attack: 1300
Speed: 125
Armor: 20%
Crit: 5%


  • Shielded Deceleration Strike
  • Ferocious Strike
  • *Lethal Thagomizer
  • Regeneration


  • Swap in Wound
  • Decelerating Counter (1x)

*Lethal Thagomizer - Deal 1.5 damage. DoT .33x of target’s max Hp per turn for 3 turns. Reduce target’s speed by 50% for 2 turns.
CD: 3 turns

A countering bleeder with decent speed, a decent attack, with everything good about both dinos? Can you say OP? Okay but seriously, everything about this monster would make anybody that isn’t immune, or can even fight against shields cry a little. Immunes are of course safe, and Nullifying dinos will need to be front and center to avoid being swept under the bus if that damage buffs up. I was tempted to give it the Wounding Counter to combine the DoT and Counter aspects of both dinos, but decided against it. Would that be better than the Swap in Wound?

I also see this dino with the older fashioned design that paleontologists’ used to imagine Spinosaurus before it was changed - but instead of a giant sail, Suchostagia will have those vicious spikes that Dsungia has, as well as the deadly Thagomizer, hence the advanced move.


I like these ideas, they have some pretty good implications for gameplay. There needs to be more risk/reward moves like Mutual Fury imo. It’s a fun gamble!

I had a similar idea awhile ago about regenerating strikes, pairing it with rending percentages would be even more ideal. I hope we get that eventually, especially for Giga if we ever get him for their flesh grazing hunting method.


I love this idea and your rare Stegosuchus!

I’d be all about Suchostagia if it was in the game. :ok_hand:

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Brachinomus Rex
I-rex plus Brachi

110 Speed
15 Armor
40 Cric

( Slowing Armor Piercing Strike)
Decelerating Impact

I had a bunch of other different ideas that I thought might be interesting.

What about:

Phorusaura(L20)+Titanoboa GEN 2(L20)

• Shielded Decelerating Strike
• Instant Precise Rampage [New]
• Immobilize
• Greater Stunning Rampage
• Immune to Distraction
• Immune to Swap Prevention
• On Escape Dust Cloud
~4000 HP
~1200 Attack
~122 Speed
~10% Critical

Thoughts: So Coatlserpens, named for how it would look like the quetzalcoatl myth, I imagined with a pretty diverse array of options. There are a bunch of possibilities in how you can string it’s moves together, and just as many options to get over it’s long cooldowns. Immobilize can help you get those cool downs off, but it also restricts your On Escape ability. So there’s a lot of strategy in his set. Plus a giant, feather-headed, fang-beaked snake sounds pretty wild :laughing:


Thoughts: I actually don’t know how to make this one’s kit. We all know the two mammoth hybrids are busted, so it wasn’t easy to see how one of them could progress logically. I’m interested in opinions on Entelomoth and it’s superhybrid potential. They didn’t leave much room for improvement tbh. I came up with this combo mostly for looks lol, but I’d assume Trike could add to its strength/versatility.


• Definite Strike
• Bellow
• Long Defense Strike
• Armor Piercing Rampage
• Immune
~4200 HP
~1200 Attack
~107 Speed
~30% Armor
~30% Critical

Thoughts: This felt like a cool build to me. Like the other epic superhybrids I’ve concepted this one is also not a rockstar, but it does make a cohesive blend to all its ingredients I think. It can still shield, speed control, and it rounds out with useful offensive moves. It only has 1 multiplier damage move, but it has higher than average damage and critical chance so I think it balances. I imagine it being upsized from Ankylocodon to a full Anky body type, something like that Giganocephalus hybrid from JWTG Just less ugly and insect-like :grimacing:


• Minor Rending Strike
• Short Defense
• Ready to Crush
• Defense Shattering Rampage
• Cleansing Counterattack [New]: Cleanse Immediately, 1X.
• Swap in Ferocity
~3900 HP
~1000 Attack
~119 Speed
~20% Critical

Thoughts: I wanted to make a better majunda superhybrid than my first concept, and I had an interesting idea that I thought would implement well here. So it’s not exactly immune, but the cleansing counterattack concept move can keep it mostly unimpaired. RtC I’ve always thought would be perfect on a counterattack creature. With RtC on or it’s swap in ferocity, the basic rend strike will do 37% or 46% HP with a crit so it’s nothing to laugh at in this kit.


• Superior Vulnerability
• Devastation
• Instant Charge
• Regenerate&Run
• Swap in Stunning Strike
• Immune to DoT
~3900 HP
~980 Attack
~107 Speed
~60% Armor
~5% Critical

Thoughts: Carbotoceratops was also a tricky one, but here’s what I imagined. Idk, it could be overpowered or maybe I ruined it lol. I thought of this superhybrid turtle as like the tanks’ revenge. It can survive monster hits with its maximum armor, regen out on bad matchups, and swap in on good ones without too much worry.

My last idea is

• Defensive Stance
• Decelerating Rampage
• Definite Rampage
• Rampage&Run? (or) Stunning Rampage?
~4640 HP
~1120 Attack
~114 Speed
~20% Armor
~5% Critical

Thoughts: If I’m correct this would be the first creature in the game to have 3 rampage moves. To that end this superhybrid is basically a blunt instrument, and lacks a basic strike. I couldn’t decide which 3rd rampage was most appropriate, but I feel like 3 rampages isn’t OP in the age of immunity of which this creature has none of.

Let me know what you guys think :thinking:


How about an epic Phorusrhacos Gen 2. Mix that with Entelodon and you get Entelorhacos. It’s basically the one from Jurassic World: The Game.
Entelorhacos_Card (1)


OMG. i like that design. too bad i will never see it in JWTG.

Cool concepts, as always.

It would be more than a little ironic if a Quetzalcoatl reference was made in anything other than a Quetzalcoatlus hybrid imo.

I know what you mean about them not leaving much room for improvement with some of these hybrids. It’s like Diplovenator all over again, but borderline OP.

Ophylotitan as a sort of Epic Maxima sounds really cool, and would definitely help in those Epic tournaments against all the Rixises and Proceras.

Ready to Crush on a counter-attacker? I completely forgot about that possibility. Barjundasuchus sounds a bit gimmicky, but it could work.

Carbotomoloch sounds much less far-fetched than some of the other hybrids on here. I could see that in-game.

I think enough creatures have R&R, we don’t need it on a rhino of all things. GSR would be fine, although I’m not sure if it’d be OP or no with those stats…

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All I want is a alanky hybrid.


T rex gen 1 + Tarbosaurus
rending attack
ferocious impact
definite rampage
-5400 HP
-2090 Attack
-110 Speed
-40% Crit.
-5% armour


Tarbotyrannus + Velociraptor
cautious strike
extended critical impact
definite rampage
-5000 HP
-2091 Attack
-132 Speed
-40% Crit.
-5% armour

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{Titanoboa G2 + Cryodrakon(Rare)}


Long Defense Strike
Nullifying Rampage
Slowing Impact
Striking Distance

On Escape Dust Cloud

Striking Distance- Deal 1x damage, piercing armor. Any offensive or defensive buff will last another turn. For example, long defense strike will last for an extra turn and null rampage will have a ‘constant’ nullifying effect(constant as in for 2 turns)

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