Hybrid Ideas for 1.7

So we all know the current meta is basically rat based, with whoever has the biggest chomper ready up next for the revenge kill. Here’s my thoughts on what hybrids I’d like to see that could round out our meta in 1.7.

Maiasaura+Alankylosaurus= ??? (Unique)
Moves: Superiority Strike, Instant Rampage, Long Invincibility, Impact&Run// Passive: SIA Invincibility
Stats: 20% Armor, 5% Crit, 117 Speed
Edmontoguanadon+Argentinosaurus= Armontoguana (Legendary)
Moves: Pinning Strike, Extended Critical Strike, Stun Rampage, Regenerate// SIA Nullify
Stats: 110 Speed, 30% Crit
Carnotaurus+Secodontosaurus= Carnodontotaurus (Legendary)
Moves: Vulnerability Strike, Critical Impact, Armor Piercing Impact, Short Defense// 1X Defense Shattering Counter, Immune
Stats: 110 Speed, 5% Crit
Carnodontotaurus+Dsungaripterus= Carnodiabolus (Unique) [Retains Theropod type]
Moves: Speed up Strike, Ferocious Impact, Exploit Wound, Extended Critical Strike// 1X Shattering Counter, Immune
Stats: 20% Critical, 124 Speed
And finally
Pteranodon+Tanycolagreus= Ptanyranodon (Legendary)
Moves: Shattering Strike, Nullifying Impact, AP Impact, Regen&Run// 1X AP Counter, SIA Ferocity
Stats: 130 Speed, 5% Crit

My thoughts- Alankylosaurus benefits from Maiasaura’s instant rampage to get the one over on certain matchups, as well as the ability to escape while sacrificing one shield move.
Armontoguana offers an offensive sauropod that is very difficult to get rid of. It’d be able to take an absolute beating, and being equipped with SIA Nullify and the ability to soak and pin, it becomes a Rat exterminator.
Carnodontotaurus becomes a stepping stone to Carnodiabolus, a versatile endgame beast that takes revenge kills into Swiss Army knife level selection.
Ptanyranodon answers the shortcomings of both parents. Tany struggles to deal with Indos that Crit through small HP, and Ptera is too frail. Combined it’s able to hit twice with the counter, and Regen&Run to be used effectively again and again. Theoretically.

Thoughts and more ideas are welcome! These are just the 5 I’d like to see assuming it stays around that number in the next update.


I know this is a hybrid idea thread but at least as well can we nickname our dinos?

Also those are some good hybrid ideas

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If it’s part of your ideas by all means!


Concave and brach need love too


we need an immune tank :smiley:


Exactly my friend

I personally would like Majundasuchus, Suchotator and Ankylodon hybrids.


I agree 101010

An immune unique sauropod hybrid

More of JW:TG hybrid like erliphosaurus,suchoripterus,ankylodocus, carnoraptor,koolasaurus,etc.

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Great ideas! Love the Regeneration on your sauropod hybrid!

I like that Carnodiabolus name… Ludia, take notes!!


I need a Secodontosaurus hybrid to make use of all the DNA I have lying around :joy:
I was toying with the idea of a Secodonto + Ankylocodon legendary as a more offensive version of Anky, sort of the same relationship that Tryko and Allosino have

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We still have some beginner hybrids with no successor hybrids also, which would be nice for the low-mid tier players looking to compete higher. Besides Suchotator or over leveling the others, a lot of them just fall away and get forgetten eventually.

My ideas:

Diplotator+Miragaia= Miratator (Epic)
Moves: Shield Strike, Distracting Impact, Nullifying Impact, Adrenaline Surge// 1X Shattering Counter
Stats: 124 Speed, 5% Critical
Ankylocodon+Gallimimus= Gallicodon (Epic)
Moves: Evasive Strike, Long Defense, Armor Piercing Impact, Decelerating Impact// Immune, SIA Defense
Stats: 127 Speed, 10% Critical, 20% Armor
Suchotator+Irritator GEN 2(Re-Fuse)= Suchoprimus (Unique, because he deserves it and we all have it 20+ anyway lol)
Moves: Superiority Strike, Lethal Wound, Nullifying Impact, Instant Rampage// SIA Shattering Strike
Stats: 118 Speed, 20% Critical
Majundasuchus+Arambourgiania= Majundagiania (Epic)
Moves: Pinning Strike, Long Defense, Ferocious Impact, Cleanse&Swoop// SIA Invincibility, 1X Counter
Stats: 114 Speed, 5% Critical
Dimodactylus+Dimetrodon GEN 2= Dimetrodactylus (Legendary)
Moves: Pinning Strike, Lethal Wound, Armor Piercing Rampage, Impact&Run// SIA Bleed, Immune
Stats: 125 Speed, 5% Crit
Monolometrodon+Gorgosaurus= Gorgometrodon (Unique)
Moves: Nullify Strike, Shattering Rampage, Debilitating Distraction, Distracting Rampage// SIA Ferocity, Immune
Stats: 114 Speed, 20% Crit
Miratator, an oxymoron meaning beautiful irritator lol, feels like to me to be a logical progression of how diplotator could be improved.
Gallicodon would make for a troublesome evader, though lacking distracting moves it’d rely on Armor for dodge fails.
Suchotator feels already like it needs no upgrade, so it was difficult to find a suitable DNA donor. A re-fuse of Irri G2 would be most logical, giving it a rampage in place of its previous Instant Cripple and gaining a SIA move.
Majundagiania is a cheap Cloak hitter counter, and allows for multiple turns of reuse.
Dimodactylus needed some oomph, and a way to stop being slowed and distracted before escape, and Dimetrodactylus gives it just that. The rampage doesn’t hurt either if they choose to stay in.
Gorgometrodon is an affordable little anti-chomper, theoretically capable of tackling big bads like Tryko and Thor given its immunity and double distraction. The SIA Ferocity probably wouldn’t get used much, but the option would be there

Um, maybe nevonator? If 21 (unique)

Argentinosaurus lv (15) + secodontosaurus lv (15)

Koolasuchus gen 2 lv (15) + armabourgiania lv (15)

Purutaurus lv (10) + carnotaurus lv (10)

Spinosaurus gen 2 lv (15) + baryonyx gen 2 lv (15)

Spinonyx lv (20) + erlikosaurus gen 2 lv (20)

Koolabourgiania lv (20) + diplodocus lv (20)

Maiasaura + alankylosaurus= maialaukus(unique)

I Really like that Hybrid that you made!

Why does he Deserve it?