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Hybrid Ideas for 1.8


Yes yes it’s months away from 1.8, but new creatures make me wonder what’ll come next. I gotta say I love the new hybrids we got in 1.7, and the new Cenozoics as much as we originally protested are designed very well. I hope they are thoroughly rounded out in future content drops. I just hope they never cross the barrier of fusing the mammals with reptiles. That sticks out as a no no to me lol. I will say I think they should hold off on mammal fusions until they have more, a smilodon with a rhino horn doesn’t sound super appealing. These are some ideas I had with our new toys:

Phorusrhacos(10)+Dsungaripterus(10)= Rhacoripterus (Epic)
Abilities: Sidestep, Raking Claws, Ferocious Strike, Short Defense
Passive: SIA Evasion
Stats: 128 Speed, 5% Critical

Purutaurus(20)+Pyroraptor(20)= Carnoraptor (Unique)
Abilities: Cleansing Strike, Precise Pounce, Shield Advantage, Instant Distraction
Passive: 33% Rending Counter
Stats: 127 Speed, 5% Critical

Miragaia(20)+Ardontosaurus(20)= Miracolossus (Unique)
Abilities: Pinning Strike, Shattering Rampage, Regeneration, Instant Invincibility
Passive: Precise Shattering Counter, Immune
Stats: 104 Speed, 10% Critical

Maiasaura(15)+Tanycolagreus(15)= Maialagreus (Legendary)
Abilities: Decelerating Strike, Definite Impact, Stunning Impact, Impact&Run
Passive: SIA Stun
Stats: 128 Speed, 5% Critical

Brachiosaurus(20)+Maialagreus(20)= Brachiomonolith
Abilities: Cleansing Strike, Bellow, Instant Rampage, Stunning Rampage
Passive: SIA Nullify
Stats: 112 Speed, 30% Critical, 10% Armor

Suchotator(15)+Postosuchus(15)= Impierosuchus (Legendary)
Abilities: Superiority Strike, Ferocious Impact, Rending Attack, Exploit Wound
Passive: SIA Definite Strike
Stats: 124 Speed, 20% Critical

So there’s my ideas for 6 new hybrids assuming they stay with that design of six hybrids and 5 real creatures. What do you guys think? What ideas do you have after the update?


I like the hybrids!

If I could make hybrids for 1.8 I’d make:


Monolometrodon + Dracoceratops

Tier: Unique

Minimal Speed Up Strike
Defense Shattering Rampage
Precision Impact
Distracting Impact
Swap-In Rampage


Postimetrodon + Smilodon

Tier: Legendary

Evasive Strike
Defense Shattering Impact
.33 Rendering Counter

Alankylosaurus + The New Terror Bird

Tier: …

Shielding Strike
Raking Claws
Evasive Stance
Swap-In Invincibility

Thought of some more. :slight_smile:


Suchotator + Grypolyth

Tier: Legendary

Superiority Strike
Leathal Wound
Regeneration Swoop (I gave it this cause it’ll inherit Suchotators high hp stat)
Instant Lockdown
Defense Shattering Counter.
Swap-In Wound.


Tier: Legendary

Dimodactylus + Ptranodon

Cleansing Strike
Leathal Wound
Rampage And Run
Nullifying Rampage
Defense Shattering Counter
Swap-In Wound


Tier: Unique

Concavenator + Pteranodactylus

Cleansing Strike
Leathal Rampage (deals 2x damage, gives DoT)
Instant Lockdown
Rampage And Run
Maximum Rending Counter.
Swap-In Wound.

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m8 dat carnoraptor iz op

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I really like the sound of that Alankylo+Phorusrhacos hybrid!

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thank you for putting the work for this. Draw some concept ! i know u can !


Thanks! I kinda rushed with that one, I couldn’t think of a name for it or any skills. If you could think of a name and/or some better skills for it then lemme know! :blush:


Barycaulus (baryonixG2 + diplocaulusG2)
Pretty high health, decent damage speed
Around 123, 20 critical
Nullifying strike
Ready to crush
Distracting impact
Defence shattering rampage


Kentrodocus (kentrosaurus + diplodocus)
High health, high damage, speed around 110
Nullifying strike
Shield advantage
Decelerating rampage
Instant distraction
Swap in slot
Medium counter

Skentrodocus (skoolasaurus + kentrodocus)
High health, high damage, speed around 112
Nullifying strike
Long protection
Decelerating rampage
Instant distraction
Swap in Nullification
Medium counter


Pachyceratops (pachyceph… + dracoceratops)
Decent health, decent damage, speed around 118
Shielding strike
Stunning rampage
Swap in rampage


A little mechanical pencil doodle concept of Carnoraptor while I’m on break lol

I wanted the crocodile scutes and armor to come through from it’s purussaurus ancestor so it’d have the most reptilian look of all the other raptors, and have the Carnotaurus bulk.
If I could have any of my six I’d hope the most for this one since we don’t have a unique raptor(not counting Indo), and it could be the Tryko standard of raptors. It might sound OP but at 127 Speed it’d theoretically get clocked by Erlidom or Magna


I’d like to see some new not-hybrids. These are the ones I’d like to see the most:

Yutirannus common
Decent health, good damage, 10 crit but al little bit shielding strike
Defence shattering impact

Quanlong rare
Good damage, verry fast but low health
Defence shattering strike
Ferocious strike

Troodon epic
High damage, decent speed but low health
Nullifying strike
Lethal wound
Disracting impact or distracting rampage
Swap in distraction

Deinosuchus epic
High health, decent speed but low damage
Nullifying strike
Distracting rampage
Instant distraction

I’ve also thought about hybrids with the quanlong, deinosuchus and the Yutirannus:

Yuranodon=Pteranodon + yutirannus
Decent health, decent damage and pretty fast
Shielding strike
Defence shattering impact
Nullifying impact
Impact and run
Swap in ferocity
Defence shattering counter

Deinolong=Deinosuchus + quanlong
Decent health, good damage and verry fast
Nullifying strike
Ferocious strike
Instant distraction



Defence from invincable, immunity and armor. And when it’s ready it uses defence shattering impact and rampage
Decent health, high damage and of course armor. But slow

Vulnerability strike
Defence shattering impact
Defence shattering rampage
Instant invincability
Medium counter

Carnogiania ( carnotaurus + arambourgiania)

Swap it in if your dino is almost knocked out
Decent health, decent damage, decent speed.
In short: everything decent

Vulnerebality strike
Long protection
Cleansing impact
Defence shattering counter
Swap in invincability

Wuerhonator ( wuerhosaurus + concavenator)

A good counter for though creatures
High health, speed around 110, decent damage and
15 procent armor

Superiority strike
Short Defence
Defence shattering impact
Instant distraction
Defence shattering counter

Proceratomimus and wuerhonator (procerhonator) would be funny
A little dino with spikes :grinning:
For atacks I’d like:
Evasive strike
Shield advantage
Distracting rampage
Instant distraction
Nullifying counter


Prodon (Monolometrodon + Proceratosaurus)
Nulfying strike
Slowing impact
Distracting impact
Defence shattering rampage

Brachylocodon (Brachiosaurus + Ankylocodon)
Superiority strike
Deaccelerating Rampage
Long protection
Armour piercing impact

Erlimimus (Monomimus + Erlikosaurus Gen 2)
Minimal speed up strike
Distracting impact
Evasive stance
Swap in dodge


I really like that Brachylocodon!

Here’s a few others I thought of:

Diplotator(10)+Postosuchus(10)= Dipostator (Epic)
Moves: Definite Strike, Distracting Impact, Ferocious Impact, Adrenaline Surge
Passive: SIA Distraction
Stats: 127 Speed, 5% Critical, 3600 HP, 1475 Attack
Scaphognathus(20)+Skoolasaurus(20)= Skophogsuchus (Unique)
Moves: Nullify Strike, Distracting Impact, Instant Rampage, Regenerate
Passive: SIA Bleed
Stats: 126 Speed, 5% Critical, 20% Armor, 4200 HP, 1200 Attack
Wuerhosaurus(20)+Monolometrodon(20)= Wuerhotrodon (Unique)
Moves: Shattering Strike, Distracting Impact, Distracting Rampage, Instant Cripple
Passive: Immunity, SIA Slow
Stats: 120 Speed, 10% Armor, 5% Critical, 4800 HP, 1100 Attack
Ophiacodon(15)+Majundasuchus(15)= Majundatheros (Legendary)
Moves: Pinning Strike, Extended Critical Strike, Shield Advantage, Armor Piercing Rampage
Passive: Immunity, SIA Ferocity, 1X Armor Piercing Counter
Stats: 110 Speed, 40% Critical, 3600 HP, 1000 Attack

Dipostator could be a powered up version of Postosuchus, which would be really helpful in higher arenas I would think. Skophogsuchus could be our first unique amphibian, and be a big nuisance with its diversity. Wuerhotrodon is probably unrealistic lol but I wanted to think of the best hard counter to Thor imaginable. Majundatheros could give players a mid way discount option to Grypolyth.

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Here is one and it’s progression

Draco ceratops + draconian rex


Swap in ferocity
Swap in definite rampage

Acute stun
Definite rampage
Swap out heal
Minimal speed up strike

Draconian rex
Draconrex green + majunga suchus

Swap in definite strike
Swap in ferocity

Swap out rampage
Instant stunning strike
Cleansing strike


4050 hp
1410 attack
116 speed
20% armor
5% critical chance

Superiority Strike
Instant Distraction
Defense Shattering Impact
Rending Counter (25% hp)



miragaia + tanycolagreus

2700 hp
1480 attack
124 speed
15% armor
10% critical chance

shielding strike
armor piercing impact
nullifying counter



4500 hp
1050 attack
128 speed
0% armor
5% critical chance

Pinning strike
Nullifying Impact
Defense shattering Rampage
Swap-in wound


Some more I thought of:

Chameleocolossus (Unique)
“Cloaking Sauropod”

Moves: Definite Strike, Decelerating Rampage, Critical Impact, Cloak
Passive: Immune
Stats: 4700 HP, 1200 Attack, 109 Speed, 20% Critical, 20% Armor

Megalodactylus (Legendary)
“DoT King Pterosaur”

Moves: Shield Strike, Ferocious Strike, Lethal Wound, Lethal Swoop
Passive: Swap in Wound, .5X Counterattack
Stats: 3100 HP, 840 Attack, 127 Speed, 5% Critical

Einiacephalotops (Legendary)
“Ferocious Stun&Runner”

Moves: Cleansing Strike, Ferocious Strike, Stunning Impact, Rampage&Run
Stats: 4200 HP, 1210 Attack, 117 Speed, 25% Armor, 5% Critical

Spinovenator (Unique)
“A Spino Unique that doesn’t turn into another Erliko”

Moves: Defensive Stance, Distracting Rampage, Extended Critical Strike, Exploit Wound
Passive: 1X Precise Shattering Counterattack
Stats: 3800 HP, 1050 Attack, 120 Speed, 10% Critical

Sarocodon (Rare)
“Beginner Big Hitter”
Moves: Vulnerability Strike, Rending Attack, Instant Rampage, Immobilize
Passive: Immune
Stats: 4100 HP, 1100 Attack, 115 Speed, 10% Armor, 30% Critical

Euoguanodon (Rare)
“Beginner Speed Counter”

Moves: Superiority Strike, Stunning Strike, Instant Invincibility, Cleansing Impact
Passive: .5X Counterattack
Stats: 4450 HP, 900 Attack, 113 Speed, 30% Armor, 5% Critical


I’d made sinozopteryx! Image is here:

moves: cleaning strike, stunning impact, cleasing rampage, and cleanse and swoop.