Hybrid Ideas for Future Updates

Have any Hybrid ideas? Well, awesome!!
You’re more welcome to post:
Design info
Really just ideas. And don’t be hard on yourself about the art, it still looks awesome and gives Ludia an idea of what the hybrid could look like. And take your time on the stats, it can be hard trying g to balance out stats and coming up with what kind of attacks.
So, shoot to ideas, so that one day, any of us could have our hybrid(s) in the game!
Also criticism is welcomed, don’t be harsh, think positive!


What’s your profile picture all about? It looks like an interesting hybrid.

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It’s my Proceropterus, which is a hybrid of Proceratosaurus and Darwinopterus. I will be going into detail on this hybrid on the thread as well.

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Proceratosaurus lvl 15 + Darwinopterus lvl 15

Proceropterus Stats
Rarity- Legendary
Health- 3200
Damage- 1240
Speed- 126
Armor- 0%
Critical- 10%

  • Nullifying Strike- Damage 1x Remove all positive effects plus cannot swap for 3 turns.
  • Distracting Impact- Damage 1x Reduces opponents’ damage by 50% for 2 turns. Cooldown- 1
  • Slow Defense Shattering Impact- Damage 1.25x Goes through Shield and Armor plus reducing opponents’ speed by 50% for 2 turns. Cooldown- 2 Delay- 1
  • Savage Tear- Damage 1x plus DoT .25x for 3 turns. Cooldown- 3
  • Swap in Wound