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Hybrid Ideas for Jurassic World Alive1

Here I show some of my ideas, hoping that some are left in the game Jurassic World Alive!

I hope you like them, it should be clarified that this is updated, that is to say that from time to time I will upload new ones, also if you have some ideas you can tell me and I will gladly do them.

Pyrotochops: Pyroraptor-Entelochops

Meiolotops: Meiolania-Artops

Quetzalcoatl: Titanoboa GEN 2- Procerathomimus

Sonoraspinus: Sonorasaurus-Spinosaurus GEN 2

Draconyx: Barionyx-Dracorex


he wold be a good one he mack a lot of people mad lol

Please no more Meiolania hybrids lol.

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Xd that weird