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Hybrid Ideas/ New Move Ideas

Anyone have hybrid ideas? Put them in the comments. Here’s one to get you started:

Part Concavenator and part Limnocelis (epic alligator)
At Level 16
Health: 2389
Attack: 740
Speed: 115
Armor: 20%
Critical Chance: 20%

Definite Strike
Ferocious Impact
Long Protection
Adrenaline Pulse
Greater Rending Counter Attack

It’s supposed to look like a Indoraptor-like build. Black with gecko looking spots and Concavenator sail. Also, it is designed to be a better version of Purrolyth with weaker healing to bump him down a bit.

Also, Cleansing Counter seems interesting as a new move. It can do no damage but cleanse ALL negative effects. Don’t know who would get it though.

But seriously, put any hybrid and/or new move ideas below.


This should definitely get interesting. Popcorn time.:smiley:

Dracoceratops + Darwin
Dracowins- unique
Hp 5000
Atk 1250
Spd 119
Shielding decel strike
Regen and run
Definite rampage
Acute stun
Swap in rampage and greater wounding strike

please, lets get a bleeding counter attack. give it to trex :+1:


and velociraptor

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Love the kit and design you created. Limnocelis is a reptile-like amphibian though, sorry for being nitpicky lol

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Unique hybrid
Hp 3900
Atk 1050
Spd 117
Nullyfuing strike
Ferocious distraction strike( distraction for 2 turns +boosts atack by 50% for 3 turns
Defense shatering rampage
Instant distraction
Precise shatering counter atack

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I just thought of a new one. Check it out:
Part T-Rex and part velociraptor
At Level 21
Health: 3137
Attack: 1120
Speed: 132
Armor: 0%
Critical Chance: 30%

Defense Shattering Strike

Defense Shattering Impact

Defense Shattering Pounce (new move) (Deals x2 damage. Destroys shields. Bypasses armor. Target is distracted by 50% for 1 turn.)

Relentless Pursuit (new move) (Deals x1 damage. Gashing Wound damge. Increase critical chance by 20% and target’s speed is decreased by 50% for 2 turns.)

Description: This dangerous superhybrid brings all the full force of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the light frame of the Velociraptor.

I know it’s a little insane, but it could be reworked. What are your thoughts?

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