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Hybrid Ideas Post-1.5 Patch

Ok this is probably slightly early, but I’ve got some ideas rolling around for future hybrids based on the update. And hey I called Dracoceratops and Purrolyth before they came out so I think I’m slightly where their heads are at lol. Feel free to give any ideas of your own!
Dimodactylus+Suchomimus= Trimorphosuchus(Legendary)
General improvement, addition of swoop
Miragaia+Diplodocus= Miradocus(Legendary)
Pinning Strike, Regenerate, decelerating rampage, Shield Advantage// Armor piercing 1X counter
Majundasuchus+Koolasuchus= ???(Legendary/Unique)
Nullify Strike, Distracting Impact, Nullifying Impact, Cleansing Impact// Swap in Defense, Armor Piercing 1X Counter
Baryonyx G2+Dracoceratops= Draconyceras(Unique)
Speed up strike, RtC, Stunning impact, Defense Shattering Impact// Swap in Stun
Miragaia+Carnotaurus= Mirataurus(Epic)
Shield Strike, Exploit Wound, Cleansing Impact, Regenerate// Defense Shattering 1X Counter
Mirataurus(Hypothetical)+Tanycolagreus= ???(Legendary)
Armor Piercing Strike, Nullifying Impact, Regenerate, Long Defense// Swap in Defense Shattering Rampage, 1X Standard Counter
Dimorphodon+Gallimimus= Dimorphimimus(Rare)
Evasive Strike, Exploit Wound, Impact, Impact&Run// Immunity, Swap in Distraction
Just some potential options I thought of while pondering through the new additions today. Who knows what the future holds especially with all the mold breaking lately



Some interesting ideas

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Piña Kooladasuchus lol now I really hope that one gets fully realized


Some others looking further at the update
Since monomimus is made of glass now I had this one especially in mind:
Monomimus+Arambourgiania= Aramiminia(Unique)
Nullify strike, Distracting Impact, Evasive Stance, Impact&Run// Swap in Invincibility, Immune

Ankylocodon+Argentinosaurus= Argenticodon(Epic)
AP Strike, Decelerating Impact, Extended Crit Strike, Long Defense// 30% Crit, 20% Armor, Immunity
Amargocephalus+Spinosaurus= Amargaspinus(Legendary)
Vulnerability Strike, Exploit Wound, Decelerating Impact, Instant Invincibility//Min Counter, 30% Armor

Iguanodon+Deinocheirus= Deinoguana(Rare)
Superiority Strike, Speed up Strike, Stun Impact, Rampage&Run// Swap in Stun
Deinoguana+Dsungaripterus= Deiguanaripterus(Legendary)
Speed up Strike, Ferocious Strike, Stun Rampage, Short Defense// Swap in Ferocity, Defense Shattering Counter
My reasoning: Aramiminia would present much needed protection to a now nerfed Monomimus, Argenticodon would beef up Ankylocodon, Amargaspinus would present an armored bleeder to screw with strategy, Deinoguana would be a nice speed counter, and Deiguanoripterus makes it more endgame viable.
Looks wise I’d imagine Aramiminia would look like a terror bird almost, Argenticodon would look like Giganocephalus from JW:TG, Amargaspinus would be a twin sailed and spiked dimetrodon type, Deinoguana would be iguanodon with exaggerated thumb claws, and Deiguanoripterus would be an almost spoonbill-like crested oddball pterosaur.


Just some ideas I had as well…
-Armor Piercing strike
-Defense Shattering Impact
-Nullifying Impact
-Short Defense.
(1x armor piercing counter attack).

Spino Gen.2 + Trex Gen.2=Spyrannosaurus Rex
-Defense Shattering Strike
-Wounding Impact
-Defense Shattering Rampage

I also think it’d be cool to add dinos that aren’t hybrids but legendary, like the Big One from the first Jurassic Park or are Bull Rex from Lost World


I like those, especially the Conca+Tany. If it had Tany’s speed it’d be a pretty dangerous counter attacker. Plus they could both use a hybrid pretty badly.

I do agree that would be nice. I mean we have Blue and the raptor squad so why not have the Buck Rex or the other iconic creatures? Maybe not as a habit, but to at least a couple.

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Others that could be decent
Concavenator+Diplotator= Diablovenator(Legendary)
Nullify Strike, RtC, Distracting Impact, Long Defense// Defense Shattering Counter
Alankylosaurus+Postosuchus= Polankya(Unique)
Superiority Strike, Shield Advantage, Long Invincibility, Regenerate// Swap in Invincibility

DimetrodonII+Tarbosaurus= Tarbodon(Rare)
Shattering Strike, Impact, Critical Impact, Armor Piercing Rampage// Immune
Sarcosuchus+DiplocaulusII= Sarcocaulus(Epic)
Bleed Strike, Nullify Strike, Instant Distraction, Lockdown Impact// Swap in Distraction

Purrolyth+StygimolochII= Lythmoloch(Legendary)
Shielding Strike, Shattering Strike, Ferocious Impact, Rampage&Run//Armor Piercing Counter, Swap in Strike
Ornithomimus+BaryonyxII= Ornithonyx(Epic)
Shattering Strike, Shattering Impact, RtC, Evasive Stance// Immune, Swap in Shattering Strike
Thoughts: Concavenator provides a great upgrade to diplotator, Diablovenator would be a monster counter attacker with the enemy distracted and you readied to crush with shattering counters. Polankya would be a tank with nice speed and a method to handle bleeds, something Trago can’t do. Tarbodon is a poor man’s Indominus, something early levels can take advantage of while they grind out the big bad. Sarcocaulus keeps the bleed meta interesting. Lythmoloch gives us something productive to make with all that stygi DNA, plus it’d be a more obtainable path for those lacking Grypo. Ornithoynx adds another immune glass cannon.
The Looks: Diablovenator would be a twin horned, spiked monster-esque theropod. Polankya would be a very dragon-like pterosaur. Tarbodon would be a high spined, short faced Rex type. Sarcocaulus would be a scaled amphibian type. Lythmoloch could be a colorful, plateheaded croc with tany animations. Ornithonyx could be a very toothy, long snouted, feathered orithinomimid.
What do you guys think? I want them to keep this meta alive with all this diversity going on lately


Loved the Mirataurus, so I thought about a Mirataurus + Argentinosaurus hybrid to make an unique sauropod.
Mirataurus+Argentinosaurus= Miratirusaur/Miratitanus???(can’t come up with something better lol)
Kit: Shield Strike, Decelerating Rampage, Prolonged Critical Strike, Regenerate; Abilities: 1 Defense Shattering Counter.
Stats: 5400 HP, 0% Armor, 900-1000 Damage, 102-105 speed, 20% Critical.

Then a Pterosaur unique, a super fast creature that looks like a dragon!
Dsungaripterus+Tanycolagreus= Tanycoripterus+Pteranodon= Tycodraptera???
Kit: Defense Shattering Strike, Nullifying Rampage, Short Defense or Ferocious Strike/Armor Piercing Impact, Rampage and Run/Impact and Run; Abilities: Swap in Ferocity, 1 Defense Shattering Counter.
Stats: 3300 HP, 0% Armor, 900-1000 Damage, 130 Speed, 5% Critical.


I have an idea for a name: Majundaku or Koolajundus :blush:

For this, I’d like to think _Tanytarus, Miracolrus, or perhaps Miragreus :hugs:

And for my own couple of dinos:

Baryonyx G2 + Erlikosaurus G2 = Berlikonyx (Legendary)
Minimal Speed Up Strike, Rtc, DSR, Debilitating Distraction // Swap in Defense Shattering Strike

Brachiosaurus + Tuojangosaurus = Tujachisaurus or Brujangosaurus
Superiority Strike, Bellow, Distracting Rampage, Long Defense // Swap in Distraction, Medium Counter Attack


@Dinobai18 @Isaah_Wii Awesome concepts! Berlikonyx and Tanycoripterus are my favorites
Two I thought up from some artwork, and some more Carno ideas:
Gorgosaurus+Baryonyx Gen 2= Gorgonyx(Epic)
Armor Piercing Strike, Ferocious Impact, Shattering Impact, Gashing Wound// SIA Shattering Strike
Stats: Speed 118, Crit 20%, Damage 1310, Health 3700, 0% Armor
Gallimimus+Miragaia= Galligaia(Rare)
Evasive Strike, Short Defense, Regenerate, Impact&Run// Immune, Armor Piercing 1X counter
Stats: Speed 127, Crit 5%, Damage 1100, Health 2500, 10% Armor

Carnotaurus+Pyroraptor= Carnoraptor/Pyrotaurus(Legendary)
Vulnerability Strike, Distracting Impact, Short Defense, Cleansing Impact// 1X Shattering Counter
Stats: Speed 126, Crit 10%, Damage 1245, Health 3100, 0% Armor
Carnoraptor/Pyrotaurus+Diplocaulus Gen 2= ???(Unique)
Vulnerability Strike, Distracting Rampage, Short Defense, Adrenaline Surge// 1X Shattering Counter, SIA Distraction
Stats: Speed 125, Crit 5%, Damage 1380, Health 4000


@DinoMaster3000 did an awesome artwork for kooladasuchus

Oh really? I’d like to see that x3

Its on another thread, its called JWA artwork!

Here are some of my ideas

Gorgorex Allosinosaurus/Gorgosaurus
Gorgorex is a different route for allosino, instead of Thor.
It has the same moveset of Thor, but with ferocity impact instead of istant charge.
As for stats we have 4400 health, 1640 damage, 20% crit, 10% armor and 111 Speed (making it the fastest Rex-type in the game).
As for the looking we have a blue allosino without the frill, with the body covered with orange allosino/thor spikes.

Ankylogaia Ankylocodon/Miragaia (legendary)
Ankylogaia is an heavy armored counter-attacker with an incredible survivability.
For the moveset, it has shielding strike, dss, regenerate and instant invincibility, with x1 piercing counter-attack.
As for stats we have 3600 health, 1100 damage, 5% crit, 20% armor and 114 Speed.
As for the looking we have a black Miragaia with a dark Blue armor (similar to the Ankylocodon one) and light Blue spikes all over its body, it resembles a bit stegodeus.

Alankylotaurus Alankylosaurus/Carnotaurus
Alankylotaurus is the ultimate counter-attacker, you can stall for a very high amount of turns while the counter-attack literally kills everything in your way.
For the moveset, it has superiority strike, short protection, cleansing impact, long invincibility, x1 shattering counter-attack and swap in invincibility.
As for stats we have we have 4000 health, 900 damage, 5% crit, 25% armor and 109 Speed.
As for for the looking we basically have a dragon, It looks like a dark red twin horned alankylosaurus with a shorter snout and slightly less armor.


I like some of the ideas :slight_smile: but can we please stop using ready to crush as a move? :joy::joy: To this day im not sure i like it, on pyrritator it is useless, and on tryo it CAN be used, but its a very risky move lol its not 50/50


Loved those! Especialy the last two

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I use Rtc pretty often - it’s a gamble, but it’s based on predictability. I can predict when and when not to use it, and when it happens, the damage is insane. I have wrecked whole teams 3-0 when Pyrritator uses R2C.

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@Dinobai18 yup, it is a gamble lol and I have used it a lot of times as well with tryo, but in higher arenas it gets harder to use it

I have a few hybrid Ideas myself!

Erlikylocosaur (Legendary)
Ankylocodon + Erlikosaurus Gen 2
Passive: Immunity
Stats: 3000 HP, 15% Armor, 1200-1300 Dmg, 126-128 Speed, 20% Crit

  • Minimal Speedup Strike
  • Armor Piercing Impact
  • Short Defense
  • Debilitating Distraction
    Looks: Erlikosaurus but with spiky armor and a somewhat carnivorous face similar to Erlikdominus. (The less armor breaking but wayyyy faster and harder hitting counter part)

Surrutator (Unique)
Purrusaurus + Suchotator
Passive: None
Stats: 4550 HP, 10% Armor, 900-1000 Dmg, 112-115 Speed, 20% Crit

  • Superiority Strike
  • Lethal Wound
  • Nullifying Impact (Crippling Distraction??.. Naahhh)
  • Lockdown Impact (Strike?)
    Looks: It takes a more Sucho aesthetic on a croc body but inherits the Sucho bulk and Purru armor

    Ok, I think it goes without saying that Lockdown Impact and Lethal Wound is a NASTY combo with LDI, LW, LDI. However, it can’t rely on Sucho’s Cripple to stall dmg the wound, so the overall life expectancy is a lot lower in comparison. Nothing the typical AP and DS users cant 2 hit anyway. I could give it LW, Cripple AND LockStrike! But I don’t think anyone wants that… even with it’s gleaming weakness to immunity.

Mirentinosaurus (Epic)
Argentinosaurus + Miragaia
Passive: Armor Piercing Counter x.5
Stats: 5250 HP, 0% Armor, 1000-1100 Dmg, 105-110 Speed, 20% Crit

  • Shielding Strike
  • Decelerating Impact
  • Extended Critical Strike
  • Regeneration
    Looks: Yes, another spiky sauropod boi. Less armor then its brethren, but this one has 80% crit potential and regenerates!

Majundontus (Unique)
Majundasuchus + Secodontosaurus
Passive: Swap-In Ferocity, Defense Shattering Counter x1, Immunity
Stats: 3500 HP, 0% Armor, 950-1150 Dmg, 106-113 Speed, 5% Crit

  • Pinning Strike
  • Ferocious Strike
  • Critical Impact
  • Short Defense
    Looks: Majundasuchus with Seco spine and snout adjustments. This counter-carnivore digs into pure, raw, power while not leaving a whole lot in defense. With Immunity, and DSCx1, there’s not a whole lot that’s going to stop this monster from bringing the hurt. This is basically a Unique Megalosuchus with more Power, DS and Immunity.

I kinda have another idea for a dino. This time, it’s an Epic.

Nodosaurus + Gorgosaurus = Norgosaurus
Vulnerability Strike, Ferocious Impact, Defense Shattering Impact, Decelerating Impact // 25% Armor, 20% crit

It would be an off version of Trykosaur, but without shields and whatnot. It would be slow, but very dangerous, slowing you down and taking huge chunks of your health by making you vulnerable. It can take a hit or two, and then make you wish you had a Dilophosaurus in your team :joy::joy::joy:

And I just have to make a Bleeder. This meta (and this thread) is just begging me to make one.

Spinosaurus G2 + Proceratosaurus = Spiratosaurus
Nullifying Strike, Distracting Impact, Lethal Rampage (.40 Hp), Slowing Impact // Swap in Slow (50% -> 1 turn)

I know what you’re thinking – how is a bleeder gonna have this kind of kit?

Well, if you think about it, I’m implementing Procera into the hybrid. On her own, she has Distracting and Slowing Impact, but I only used Distracting Impact and replaced Slowing for a new Bleeding move. Since this hybrid isn’t going to be the fastest (but will still have decent speed), it will compensate the lack of a slowing move for a swap in ability.

It may be OP in a competitive sense, it may not. But a bleeder that’s gonna rampage all over your stuff ain’t gonna be good for anybody if you ain’t immune to it.
I was just thinking of how crazy and relentless that Spino in JP3 was.
The way it fought that T.Rex (and won), the way it ominously swam towards the protagonists, and the way it just utterly trashed that airplane
was just thrilling to me. So that’s kinda the inspiration for the moveset :stuck_out_tongue::no_mouth: