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After some research on the wiki (which should be taken with a grain of salt) I found out that Tapejalocephalus and Giganocephalus use Euoplocephalus sDNA and a lv 40 Euoplocephalus (respectively), which means that a dino with a sDNA + (insert dinosaur here) hybrid can be a lv 40 + lv 40 hybrid. Interesting, right?

@Sionsith @mary_jo @Lora_Green?

Unfortunately, I don’t follow your question.

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Same. It was very confusing.

Sorry, I was just saying that if we wanted, say, an anky sDNA + (insert dinosaur here) hybrid ludia could add it without breaking their self-imposed rules. Again sorry @Sionsith @Mary_Jo.

Because we already have Ankylodocus.

Yes I don’t think there is any restriction or self imposed rules on any base level Dino (non hybrid) being used as SDNA with a level 40 Hybrid to create a Super Hybrid.