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Hybrid Leveling

How come there’s no “use all DNA” option when leveling up hybrids so I don’t have to press the damn button 1000 times?


Thats a really cool idea

Better yet, an option that uses up more DNA (say for example, to get some Indominous DNA you use 100 Rex and 1000 Velo instead if 50 Rex and 500 Velo) BUT, you have a higher chance if getting more DNA. Say like your chances of getting a 50 over a 20 are doubled or something


How come there isn’t a confirm message when you accidentally click 90000 to evolve :man_shrugging:t2:


So long as their is a confirm button on it, I would hate to want to use a little epic DNA on something and use it ALL by mistake.

Would be worse than accidentally leveling a dinosaur!

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Yeah like I did on my irritator :frowning: and Ludia doesn’t respond. 1,000 irri down the drain.

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Never seems to happen on crappy dinosaurs though does it lol

Yeah in this case its the worst dino. I was just trying to scroll down lol. And then… The worst thing is I’m 110/250 on magna and had a real chance to unlock it.


Guess there wasn’t something they can do. But they could at least respond. Seems they don’t care anyway.

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Oh my God that picture brings me physical pain :confounded:

Moments silence right there :sob: they should give it you back

@Ludia_Developers @Ned help help. Really… not even a reply? You guys could reply to the email its been days. This is a disheartening/deflating situation. I realise there is other important things. But I don’t even get an acknowledgment email.

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Im surprised that such a simple thing to implement as a “Confirm” checkbox when levelling something isn’t included. Then again, why wouldn’t they want you wasting your DNA and needing to play longer?

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Hey Sixty-Four, I’m sorry to hear that you had accidentally evolved your creature. Sadly, there isn’t really much our team can do in this case as they’re not able to undo the evolution or re-add the DNA that was used.

What a bummer I feel like they could do something this is the worst dino it could possibly happen to. And I am deflated.

I know what to do. Make an “are you sure” button. I have patience and a good alliance who will help out. But I could see this happening to other players which could hurt them much more. That sucks though makes me want to take a break here.

Good tip never view your dinos while they have enough dna to evolve unless you want to evolve them. Just don’t even look at them its not worth it.

I’ll definitely share the feedback with our team.