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Hybrid of The Day 14/11/2019 #3

Today we have a Tyrant hybrid


Rarity: Legendary
Hybrid of: Allosaurus Gen 2 and Ankylocodon
Speed: 106
Armor: 20%
Critical: 25%


-Defence Shattering Strike (Destroy shields, bypass armor and deal 1x damage)
-Defending Takedown (Destroy shields. Inflict 0.5x of opponent’s max HP as armor piercing damage.Gain 20% shields for 1 turns.)
-Destroy and Slow (Deal 1.5x damage. Destroy shields. Bypass armor.Target’s speed is reduced by 50% for 2 turns.)
-Instant Defence ( Inflict 0.25x of opponent’s max HP as armor piercing damage. Gain 50% shields for 2 turns.)

Passive Abilities


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