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Hybrid on new prize wheel

Just curious has anyone that hasn’t unlocked a hybrid or only a particular hybrid received 1 from the Jurassic prize wheel?

I’ve currently had 3 on my level 60 account but my guest account that hasn’t fused any has received zero so far.

No unlock via prize wheel or trade harbor. You just get the dino card or cards.

I think you misread my question i asked if anyone’s received one before unlocking, not if it unlocks

Sorry. :nauseated_face: I misread.

I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t. There’s no rule in the game about having to unlock them before you can get them in other ways. But the probability of landing on one is just really low. I’ve done quite a few of the new PvPs, and gotten at least 8+ common packs so far, but only once have landed on one of the hybrids.

Can finally confirm you can get them i just got a Limnorhynchus from a pack on my guest account.

Reason why i’d asked is because my guest account has done 2-3 times more normal jurassic battles then my main.

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I’ve done dozens of them by now, as I was both trying to get enough LPs to get a VIP 10K pack (which I did!) as well as finish off the mission for 10 level 31+ pteros (also done, new prize wheel definitely saved me having to buy a bunch of common pteros to finish this one). So far have only landed on hybrids twice, they definitely are a rare prize. I didn’t realize you could get them in the packs too though, but they certainly are just as rare in those.

Well not sure if its a coincidence but ever since i placed my hybrids from the prize wheel my guest account has become unplayable as it disconnects every 30 seconds and then gives an Error page saying “connection to the game server lost”

I’m now reluctant to place the new hybrid on my main account in case it does the same thing.

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I sold the 2 hybrids apart from Alangasaurus (also from prize wheel) and it seems to have sorted out the disconnections.

I think the only reason Alangasaurus is OK for me is cause i have level 40 of the required dino’s to make the hybrid where as the other 2 i didn’t.

That’s interesting, might be worth reporting that to Ludia support if you haven’t already. I have found the new PvP prize wheel refreshing since I no longer have to use my best creatures to up the prize wheel rewards. My level one common crew is getting a work out which can be rinsed and repeated indefinitely since the cool downs are less than 5 minutes which means instant refresh. I have landed on packs enough to far out weigh the loss in DB that I am putting in. I am starting to re level my Common Paddocks that are not maxed out yet with this new feature which will only add to my coin generation which is allowing me to purchase 20+ MODs a day easily and usually it is more like 30, but at a minimum 10 common and 10 Rare spins on the coin wheel.

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I’ve been doing the same thing, makes it easy to just flip the sort in the other direction so I don’t have to scroll through all the dinosaurs on cooldown, but it definitely is weird doing all these battles with my level 10 commons! Only downside is just that you don’t get those occasional battles that the high level ones get where your opponents are WAY lower (not a big deal but easy wins always appreciated). The points I get for the packs have allowed me to get a couple 10K packs already (neither giving me a new dino, though, phooey!) Sounds like with the update from today though that this might not last much longer.

Update from today?

Thanks @Mary_Jo I saw it right after I posted :expressionless:

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