Hybrid Opinions

Hey guys, I hope everyone’s doing alright

I wanted to talk about a couple of opinions that I have, and hear me out because I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks otherwise.

I believe that the Indoraptor should have the Evasive Stance returned to the Cloak. Firstly I believe that since the Indoraptor doesn’t have an Immunity, this can still be countered, and now with players playing against opponents that are higher than them (no idea why Ludia may be doing that), this can still be a competitive option. If you look at the tanks, in this new Meta they’ve been given a health buff. So let’s put this into perspective, an Indoraptor faces a Stegodeus, the Cloak plus the Rampage will not be able to kill it, and Stegodeus can still counter this with a Thagomizer and still may win. Plus I also believe that if this can’t be the case then the Indoraptor should at least have an Immunity with the evasive stance as a dinosaur like Monostegotops can slow and nullify it still.

Secondly, I think that Thoradolosaur should have the 15% armour stat like Allosinosaurus. Why I say this is because whilst it is OP, and gorgeous, this I feel can make it more durable against things like raptors, whilst it still has the instant charge, and can also be less prone to more damage after decreased speed or attacks

So that was what I think would be a neat thing to happen in the game, if there’s anyone here who works for Ludia, tell me what you all think. I’d love to hear this all :+1::+1:

Indo is fine as it is now, Thor only needs a slight buff to health or 10% armor imho

I’m sorry, but I almost screamed in despair when I read that… No, please… just… No.