Hybrid Pursuit 6/26

Are we 100% certain that Ludia marked the right long neck? I have seen a LOT of Armagasaurus, but 2 Argentinosaurus, in their zone.

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Same has been happening here…

I have seen 3 Argentino’s in about an hour drive in an area Argentino normally does not spawn.

So I would say, yes they marked the right long neck.

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@Haagsma okay good :rofl: maybe I just happened to see way too many amarga today

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yep ive gotten 3 argentinos in Local 4 and 2, and u see lots of amargas cuz they are global i think

Well that’s good, I’ve just seen way too many Amarga last 2 days.

I’ve been doing okay hunting for Argentinosaurus (unlike another sauropod that will remain nameless…:rofl:). I’m not finding as much as I would have liked, but made some really nice progress on Ardontosaurus (ready to be leveled to 20 when I get the coins). I would say on average I am finding about 3-4 per day (including scents). I think I have found at least one in every zone including my own (Z3). :sauropod: