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Hybrid pursuit a total letdown?


Is this hybrid pursuit event as much of letdown for you, as it is for me? Allosaurus and Tarbosaurus activity was, indeed, off the charts, but that’s nothing new, they were off the charts before the event… However, I did not encounter one badly needed Sinoceratops… Guess will just have to wait for a special event to see some progress…


Yeah, indeed a big let down, it was the same for grypo, ive found 2 of them during that entire week and according to others, i was pretty lucky.
We don’t need all these commons unless they are rare ones and the epics are almost nonexistent, 100% agreed with you.

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Its Ludia, they dont want an event causing a decrease in sales. Even though maybe if there was a higher chance an encountering the epics people might spend more money on scents.

Thats the main reason i stopped spending money on thos game i never felt i was getting real value for my money.


I actually forgot that these events existed.


The common and rare spawns are fine but we are getting trolled on the epics I got 2 gypros and 1 sino from these focus events when doing about 80hrs a week hunting that is not an event that’s just normal spawns practically! The silliest part is all the commons and rares featured are all ready spawning without event so it just means we see less local epics and global epics as all the spawn points are generating is commons! seems like they trying to dilute spawn pool and claim its an event so that they slow everyone’s progress down!


May get hate but, last week’s Sino hunt was a huge grind. Full tank of gas got me 24x sinos, gathered 4k+ worth of dna, and got 890 free Thor dna. The event boosted my Thor from L25 to L28, with a little chunk of sinos left over for queen :sweat_smile:

If we get an erlidominus event… Im ready :star_struck:

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The only Sino i’ve found were from L1 epic scents. Haven’t seen any in the wild at all (except for one inside a strike tower on my house, thanks Ludia).


May is the wrong word, bro! You are deeply hated! :slight_smile:


i spent 1000 cash on an epic scent just because i needed sino a lot and you know, it was actually not a bad scent. i had: 1 sino, 1 baryo, 1 monoloph and 3 GRYPOSUCHI!!! i think sino event means grypo event now


Seriously! Matter of fact, I’d say they were even more scarce! My area is normally a sino hub but I didn’t see a lick of that much needed Dino either!


Is the event finished? I still want more Sino as everybody wants. I don’t see any Sino for one week after I darted 4 on one day last week.


Finished for Sino… Tarbosaurus this week…


Yeah, it was kinda a letdown… One Gryposuchus and three Sinoceratops for me, nothing to write home about, sadly. :confused:


I was pretty happy that i came across 5-6 Sinos outside their local. (Although using an epic scent in that local got me none, but at least a Kentro, a Brachi and a Bary)


I dunno, I didn’t hunt much more than my typical driving and was able to sart 13 Sino out of 14 I saw (one spawned in a chemical plant that I certainly don’t have access to, lol)

So it was a success in my eyes. I’m not sure why some of you never saw any?


I got like 1 suno per day since the event. Sometime 2-3 per day. Even got outside of suno local area. So for me the event is ok


Not even 1 Sino very disappointed even dropped a scent in the area I had gotten one a couple of times in the past got nothing totally agree with you


Tarbosaurus is plentiful around my walking route and around my work and I’ve had loads from incubators special event or not rare ingredients like Sinoceratops,Dracorex,Ouranosaurus etc should be the ones available in special events


I did see a significant increase in Sinos. In normal conditions I see a Sino every 15 days approximately whereas in this week I think I saw 8, maybe 10. In the case of Grypo I went from not seeing any (for the game I live in a sad place without parks, the opposite of the reality) to see three in the week of the event.


In fact, only Allosaurus activity was off the charts for me. I’m not seeing more Tarbo that I usually would in my area. The only difference is that you get more Tarbo from scent (but on the map looks almost the same).