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Hybrid pursuit - Darwyn


Hi Ludia,

It seems that you have forgotten to start the second creature of the hybrid pursuit, which should be Darwyn this week.

Please kindly update the map. Darwyn is already pretty epic in its rarity, please don’t take out one more day of chance for us to encounter them.

Thanks a lot in advance !


Yeah I noticed that as well. Still loads of Hatzegopteryx’s spawning. Confused as to why this is


Maybe they’re two weeks for each component of a themed hybrid?

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Nah. They just forgot to trigger it, they could be working on bugs


You mean, creating more bugs? JK


Darwin was probably removed from the pursuit to avoid creating an unbalanced arena.


Probably they are working on update. Hope they will announce in time.

It would be nice if Darwin will actually spawn more frequently, not just once per day.


Last time it was featured, I saw only one for the whole week : / …


I saw 8 I think but caught only 4 or 5, others were out of range.

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For me you are already lucky…!! I need 80 more DNA to create its legendary hybrid. And it’s getting a buff ! I’m beyond excited.

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Thanks I’m lucky that I’m passenger on my way to work. I’m working on Stygidarix, need 150 DNA to create it. Then begins journey to lvl up Darwin to lvl 20 for Pterovexus.

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This is actually starting to feel like they are having some problems with bringing about the update, the easter drops are still in the game, hatze still roaming about, I have a strange feeling that 1.7 should have already been here and something went wrong…


Nothing to see here. Literally.

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Hatz off to Ludia! Or not, whatever :man_facepalming:


+1 for the pun

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Came onto the forums to say this… has it been forgotten (again)?

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Simply as always


You do know StygiG2 is likely to be next anyway.


They are probably more focus on the update and forgot the hybrid pursuit

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That’s so weird that they have to change dino of the week manually. Can’t they make it automatic? Are they so lazy or just don’t know how?! :thinking: