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Hybrid pursuit epic weeks

This is a note to Ludia. I hope it gets heard.

Let’s talk about the spawn rates of your epic creatures during hybrid pursuit weeks.

Sure, you increase their abundance…but it isn’t nearly enough to make it an “event”. The spawn frequency of each rarity level should reflect the amount of DNA needed to fuse that creature. Obviously common dinosaurs require more DNA and thus you have them literally flooding the maps during their week. Rares require less DNA and are seen less frequently, but still it feels like their abundance is appropriate.

But during epic weeks? It isn’t anywhere close to being enough to make the hybrid pursuit worthwhile. I hunt A LOT and have seen ZERO Darwins in 4 days. You can hunt common and rares 24/7 and stockpile enough DNA to level them 7 or 8 times…but when you only encounter 2 or 3 epics during the entire week…you often can’t even level them once. Where is the fun in that?

So in conclusion…please increase the epic spawn rates to at least match the common/rare rates. If it takes 500 rare dna for a fuse, and 50 for an epic, then we should be able to find 1 epic for approximately every 10 rares we would encounter. Make sense? Thought so.

Please and thank you,
Your increasingly frustrated fan base.


Found two monos last week (+4 using 2 epic scents in Mono’s local zone); zero Darwins this week (including while using 1 epic scent) - total non-event.


There should be enough to see around 10 epics a week

I actually saw two Darwins this past few days, without any capsules. It was a shock both times, but still, I agree with you.

They need to be just as frequent as Rares, if not a little more than. It’s only fair for the sake of the “event”.

Oh is DarwinBird’s week is happening already? It’s almost end of the Friday and I haven’t seen one. Nice game.

I got about 20 Mono during that week but have only seen 5 or 6 Darwin this week. Sino week was just as dry for me. And i spend 8 hours a day on the road at work, traveling 120+ miles each day.