Hybrid Pursuit for Magna? More irritator/dimetrodon events? Or a 1.9 buff?

Not only is Magna one of the hardest dinos to level due to irritator being an arena exclusive dino, but now you also nerfed its health without giving him more teeth. I’d understand if he was undeniably the best dino in the game hence the difficulty acquiring its components but it’s not. Not after this update at least.
With all these dracoceratops running around with 4k damage on the swap in, Magna is too vulnerable. It’s still strong at the higher levels but then again, most people don’t have him that high compared to their team level. So these lvl 30 DCs practically one shot it without him doing anything.
No reason for the health nerf really.

Also… fix the matchmaking system. Back to how it was in 1.6. Please.


With the epic reward we’re getting for this current season it would be amazing to have irritator as a weekly dino next week and week after. Other wise where are we gonna apply this epic dna . I’m at level 29 magna not far from 30 but it’s a long stretch when it’s 200 Irritator dna per fuse.

Also yes! We need a fix on all pre existing bugs and matchmaking set to before 1.6 but I do understand they have to account for boosts. But this current algorithm/pattern doesn’t work . A player at 4500 shouldn’t be battling a player more then 250 achievements higher .

-Now I say set the timer to 60 seconds matching a player to someone within 250 achievements then if a match isn’t found after 30 seconds then maybe increase by 100 achievements to give a broader chance of receiving a match. AI matches should be optional button from the start with no achievements earned only the coin. AI and PVP should be optional from the beginning just as much as friendly battles are from the battle button lol

Just my opinion!

PS: @Ludia_Developers please see my emails concerning a purchase error done over a week ago and please see my email regarding the multiple in game issues including being removed from battles and froze from battles/reset game. Purple flashing then booted. Alliance chat jumping around not in order. MATCHMAKING to be fixed as soon as I can actually get into a battle without being booted.

I’ve repeated this on multiple threads. Sorry to the poster but it’s gotta be shared .

DinoLord out!

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Poor Magna after nerf is now a one shot killed dino by a 1 Tier higher Erli…also tortured to death by same Tiered Dio, Erlispy, Zorion and prob Tryko as well…


yea but it’s still always changed update to update . 1-2 months it’s not the best to use and the next great .Goes the same for most dinos tinkered here and there. Back and fourth .


Agreed. That nerf made no sense at all in regards to their justification. And it was pretty significant, around 400 hp! That’s a lot! I really hope they reconsider this nerf. Even if Magna was to get a little easier to get, I think all uniques should be strong. The problem with this nerf is that Manga can’t reliably counter anymore what it was supposed to counter. Imo that needs to be changed. Even if it doesn’t get all 3600 hp back, it should get close to it and perhaps get a damage increase due to the crit nerf as well.


I really hope they make a hybrid pursuit for Magna. Mine has been stuck like this for awhile.

I agree, the Magnapyritor was and still somewhat is a GOD, such a shame they did that to him

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What they have done this version with the Magna is nonsense. All his rivals are stronger now and he has been destroyed and I do not understand the reason. Not only have they unjustly taken away his health, but they have taken away the strength of the critic like others, but he has not been compensated for it. Finally, it is one of the few dinos that has not been benefited by the end of the Cloak because he already had a blow to avoid it. As you well say, it is possibly the second dino most difficult to evolve and, however, it has undoubtedly been the big loser of the version next to the Indoraptor and I do not know what the reason is.