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Hybrid Pursuit is still Entelodon

The hybrid pursuit is still entelodon.

I know they have like 500 other issues that they are working on because they are trying their hardest to actually replicate Jurassic Park, but think they could flip the switch to get Mammoth spawning in wild?

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I have noticed that it is all Entelodon still as well. Very annoyed that I drove around all day looking for it and never found one, even in its new spawn area.

Also I think there is something going on with shields or something.

fix that too please

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Yes, bugs everywhere in the Jurassic World Alive lately !! Perhaps they send the Dinos to eat up all the bugs ?!

I just got a Mammoth from my scent when I’m not in a Mammoth zone!

darted 2 today but was in a moving vehicle so not sure what zone i was in