Hybrid Pursuit - No Titanoboa gen 2

Titanoboa gen 2 is supposed to appear frequently this week but I can’t see any of them. Is it a bug again?

I have a similar experience.
I did see it once, maybe twice outside of dusk/dawn but I am not sure if that was with a scent or not.
Maybe it just doesn’t spawn in scents.

I’ve been running 3 scents a day and probably actively looking at it for about 5 hours a day. I should have found 50 by now.

@Ned where’s the snake?

wait,this is titanoboa G2 this week?
I have seen none and i run 3 giga scent a day,there must have a bug.
I have find 5 T-rex since monday in comparaison

I’m seeing one right now outside of my circle, and it’s daytime. It just doesn’t seem to spawn with scents.

Its the same as Meiolania hybrid pursuit in the past. No spawns, no existing hybrid pursuit. They just turned it off. And the only thing we hear is nothing but ludias silence again.

There are spawns though.

U must be lucker then. I have driven over 200 miles and havent met any except dawn and dusk ones.

Ive only seen them during evening

No Need for :upside_down_face:

Not the same snake.

Um…thats Titanoboa2’s Hybrid
it shows he already has Mega-snek 2.0

Woops, my bad.
How did you get so much boa2?

1 word:
(when it came out)
thats how i got my lvl 11 majungaboa…

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Darted boag2 in all events and got a bunch from my Team. started to Focus for her since release, because i totally love the design.

Again a creature i max boosted and isnt super high tier :sweat_smile:

You know,no need to max a meta relevant creature.
I used to max edmontoguanodon when he was a heal and swap user because i loved her gameplay.
I now max brontolasmus even through the nerf he got,because i like the design and his kit.

You may won’t earn the max monthly ladder rewards but you will be better in championships.