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Hybrid pursuit skip?

So last week was supposed to be mammoth (even though only saw one and I get the feeling it was like only a small percentage of people actually got any) and the week before was Elasmotherium. One would assume this week would be the rare turtle to finish out the hybrid pursuit for the unique hybrid but nope, Ludia skips to the ingredients for epic lizard-pterosaur hybrid. Am I the only one to see that?

we will get another pursuit with the mammoth. Ludia does the hybrid pursuits in order of when the hybrid was released. so 1.11 hybrids right now. when they move onto 1.13 hybrids, we’ll get another shot at it.

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The last two weeks were the Mammotherium pursuit, not Mammolania pursuit. That’s why we only got the two components.

Mammolania will be three weeks of its own pursuit some time in the future.


I was one minute too slow with the response.

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StoneCutter is correct. Its a mammotherium pursuit, not a mammolania pursuit. They’re doing 1.11 creatures now, then they’ll move onto 1.12, and then 1.13, which will have elasmo, mammoth and meiolania.

As for getting mammoth, plenty of people got lots. You were just unlucky sadly.

The next couples should be
Then 1.15