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Hybrid Pursuit? The Metahub Guide to Featured Hybrid Components


This is really cool.

One of our excellent writers at Metahub has put together a guide on how the featured hybrid components that we see appearing in the wild affects the spawn tables, and what that means for you.

Check it out!

FAQ: DNA/Spawn/Despawn/Coin/Cash Timer Limits + Strategy/Advice

@MNBrian, this is so fabulous to see the numbers to explain the behaviors of the spawn mechanics with scents! In total, I’ve gotten more epics from common scents than my rares and I see that the table just proves I wasn’t off then. For epics, the weight is the same between common/rare scent. My luck is just better with the common I guess.

Here are my super generalized interpretations so please correct me if I’m wrong so I have it down correctly:

  1. any scent will mostly give you more commons (all equally weighted)
  2. for rare dinos: best to use rare > epic > common scent
  3. for epic dinos: best to use epic (obviously) because common = rare (which explain my observations)
  4. for hybrids/legendary it’s a free for all (so legendary do spawn with scents? never seen that EVER!..must be in L5)

Metahub rules! You’re awesome too MNBrian.


This really sheds some light on why I couldn’t get more dilo g2 in a rare scent, thank you! :joy:


Ha thanks! :slight_smile:

I think the biggest takeaway for me, personally, when looking at the numbers was this -

If the current hybrid pursuit dinosaur (this week is SInoceratops for creating Thoralodosaur so we will see slightly more Sinoceratops than normal) is a common - maybe stay away from going to a location to use common scents for targeted farming. You’re just going to lower your total pool of possible dinos. So last week when it was Allosaurus, using common scents to hunt for Dracorex Gen 2 is a poor idea. You’ll end up with less DG2 than you want.

But when a rare or epic component is featured, common scents are more targeted and will have better results for farming.

With Rare scents, you may actually want a rare to be featured to get the most effectiveness out of your scent (especially when it’s a rare you want).

When epic dinos are featured, same is true. You may want an epic featured before using that scent as it ups the percent chance you get an epic, making your scent more useful. Or you may want to avoid it if you don’t need that epic and wait until a common or rare is featured so you can target more closely to what you want.


You just made it even better with the follow up post there @MNBrian! Double thanks! That’s what I was thinking as well! Explains a lot of my curiosities now.

P.S. So with the treasure boxes going on again, it’s a good time to head out and start collecting sino and the easiest $$$ (100k!).

P.S. 2. It seems like my alliance is getting sino with large scents as well. So just to validate how great the Metahub folks are with reliable and accurate data.


It’s off topic, but I love your cat on that picture😍


@MarijkeVZ, thanks! It is off topic indeed haha. So here is something to put it back on track. To maximize and get the double spawn for scents you need to be at least 50m away linearly from your start point prior to your 2 minutes is up (also tried forward/back, loop around and these didn’t work). Used mailbox around the corner and with google maps I measured it out lol. Normally I just drive to this mailbox before heading out, but for data! Based on average step of 2ft, that’s 82 steps you need to take in 2 minutes! Thanks Dr. Google! This info will be added to our alliance FAQ here.


I’m going to try this . The best epics i had were on a common scent, when I used the epic one, I only get secondantosaurus.