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Hybrid Pursuit

Is there going to be a new hybrid pursuit starting this week? Or are we going to be stuck with the current one ?

Not sure if a new one is coming but one thing is for sure , you will not be stuck with the current one. That is an arena exclusive. They will shut it down as soon as possible.

Reset is at 8 a.m. CST. The scolos seem to be gone now. :confused:

Didn’t see this thread when I posted the question a minute ago. Deleted my new thread and posting in here.

They normally put out the teaser post on the Friday before a new pursuit week. Didn’t see anything this time.

Nope they are still around here

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@Ned you know anything?



Oh no :confused: :confused: :confused:

Here we go again
Someone screwed something up

But when the carnos come, I’ll be ready. Been looking forward to this hybrid pursuit


Yep…more scolos showed up.

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I saw far less Scolosaurus than other commons during Hybrid Pursuit.
After seeing so many Stygi Gen 2 I thought I can evolve Skoolasaurus to lvl 18 or maybe even to 19 or 20. But I was only able to create it.
I hope it doesn’t happen again. I am in dire need of Purru.

The new hybrid chase is the one I’m most looking forward to :blush: my carno hybrid is nearly 26 already and she’s pretty awesome.

The camouflage on that carno is incredible.


We already lost a day…

Bro i think your carno has autism … lol

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Man, look at those Carnos!


I got one Carno in a

5 min scent though.

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Well, they are normally available in the wild, but Ludia might say that’s the hybrid pursuit at work.

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I saw two carnos today not including the ones spamming irritators spots. Not sure if random, or part of the puruit xD

(Actually argent is spamming the irritator spots most for me lol.)