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Hybrid pursuits are too biased against older hybrids

Ever since the launch of hybrid pursuit the only hybrids that would be featured in the hybrid pursuits were newer hybrids which can be nice If you want to just collect that DNA to make use of it in the future for any possible new hybrids, but there’s not enough variety of old hybrids being showcased. In fact none of the older ones have been showcased at all, it’s always been the newer hybrids that came out every patch. I love hybrid pursuits because it opens the door to collecting DNA that would otherwise be arena, sanctuary, or tournament locked, but can’t we have some variety of older hybrids like Magnapyritor for example along with the newer hybrids?


Yeah, would be nice if they’d alternate. I’d like more resources for Tenontorex, Utarinex, maybe even Dioraja (my backup plan in case Ludia ruins Geminititan).


I’d love me a magna chase!!!


The idea for hybrid pursuits is to put a spotlight on newer hybrids of their respective update. They’re not random dino spawn events.


Regardless they didn’t specifically state that when they first begun the pursuits, at least I don’t recall them ever saying that.

Here a link to the original announcement about hybrid pursuit…

They do it for the newer hybrids because people have less DNA for those. And that means more participation and more scents being bought. I’d rather them keep doing the new ones.

Magna chase yes please!

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