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Hybrid Pursuits

Where can you find the current hybrid pursuit? They used to stay in the newsfeed, it seemed.

So using my best judgment I’m assuming this week is the marsupial lion to make its epic hybrid. I say this because the last 2 weeks we had Suchomimus and irritator gen 2 to make suchotator. But I haven’t seen anything in the newsfeed in the game and I don’t know where to look on the forum. It’s not under event calendar.

Thanks for any help.

I know it was posted to their facebook account. Not sure about Twitter. But both places usually have it. As well as a couple of other “join the community” posts that give free HC.

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It’s in the News section in-game only for the first 24-hours-or-so of the event nowadays. That’s what confused me too at first. It used to stay there for the rest of the week too.

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Since Ludia doesn’t do it like they used to maybe we should make a thread we update weekly with those images if people find them or just update the topic.

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