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Hybrid Refresh: Bajaraptor

Seriously, I need to slow down with the hybrid refresh thing. Oh well, at least it is for entertaining purposes. Anyway, today Hybrid Refresh will be taking a look at is Bajaraptor. Let’s go over to see what needs to be fixed.

Creature fuse with: Bajadasaurus and Megaraptor

Art by: @Grym_REDACTED


Rarity: Legendary

Health: 3750

Attack: 1330

Speed: 113

Armor: 0%

Critical: 5%


Superior Vulnerability


Instant Invincibility

Nullifying Rampage

Passive: Immune to Damage over time


Health: 4650

Damage: 1750

Speed: 107

Armor: 0%

Critical: 20%


Superior Vulnerability

Fierce Impact

Taunting Bellow


Passive: Swap In Heal

Resistance: 100% Speed Decrease and Vulnerable

Man that was hard. When I search Megaraptor on Google, it was like a Tyrannosaurus over a raptor from Dinosaur King. I’ll have to dig a little deeper next time. What do you think of this hybrid refresh? I want to hear your feedback about it, and how will it be?

  • Needs both buff and nerf
  • Needs buff
  • Needs nerf
  • No buff nor nerf needed

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tenor (4)

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You should take away heal for resilient rampage

and change fierce impact to lesser group heal

Thanks for the feedback

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What happened?

Witness a Megaraptor that is more of a Tyrannosaurus than it is to a raptor

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@Grym_REDACTED thats good art great job!

Please don’t ping her

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I don’t know how Google Images work but when I went to see for myself, the very first image of Megaraptor on Google Images is just outright Allosaurus from JWE as an; and I quote; “Artistic interpretation of Megaraptor”. And it’s from a scientific website of all places.

I’ve seen some that’s more of a Tyrannosaur rather than a raptor

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Megaraptorans are a unique and mostly unclassified group of theropods, known for having a more narrow snout and relatively long forelimbs, some having a massive claw on a finger reminiscent to spinosaurs. Due to their more fragmentary and enigmatic discoveries, there is no current classification as to where Megaraptorans belong, but it is currently assumed they belong to Allosauroidea, which includes allosaurids and carcharodontosaurs.

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So, does that mean that it fits more of a Tyrannosaurus animation?

Here is a skeletal of Australovenator. I would assume the best rig for it would be a countering carnivore, or a spinosauriine animation. I say spinosauriine becuase the baryonychidae (which irritator is falsely put in for some reason) is very innacurate for the dinosaur (including Baryonyx).

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Yeah, it was rather hard when I do this


I suggest choosing your sources wisely.

What does it eat?

There’s a similar thing for me too lol, just googled megaraptor, and in ALL there’s a picture of JWE allo, I go to images and there’s the same image and it says “10-meter-long megaraptor in argentina” under a science page as well

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Uhhh… meat and plants

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Was it under the website zmescience?