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Hybrid Refresh: Peteinorex

So, while I’m still taking a break from Creature File, I decided to something different called “Hybrid Refresh”. What’s Hybrid Refresh you may ask? Hybrid Refresh is were we see a hybrid with an upgrade version of skills, moves, and stats. To start off the list, we’re gonna be doing a hybrid with only one moves that’s not 1x Attack move. Who is it you may ask? That’s Peteinorex. Let’s go over it, and see which needs to be fix.

Peteinorex: Fuse with Peteinosaurus and Indominus Rex

Art by @Snake_Dude

Here’s its old stats and moves


Rarity: Unique

Health: 3100

Damage: 1000

Speed: 129

Armor: 0%

Critical: 20%


Pinning Strike

Armor Piercing Impact

Cleansing Swoop


Passive: Wounding Counter, Swap in Wound, and Immunity


Health: 2990

Damage: 1090

Speed: 127

Armor: 0%

Critical: 20%



Binding Impact

Armor Piercing Rampage


Passive: Wounding Counter, and Swap In Dodge

Resistance: 100% Damage Over Time, Speed Decrease, Stun, Swap Prevention, Vulnerable, and 50% Crit Reduction, Distraction, and Rending

And there you have it. I hope you like the series. I’m not sure if there’s going to be more or something. If you know any hybrids that needs a refresh from my Creature File, comment down below. And as always, stay safe.

What do you think of the hybrid? I want to hear your feedback on it, and how will it be fixed.

  • Needs both buff and nerf
  • Needs buff
  • Needs nerf
  • No buff nor nerf

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Needs a bit more health and damage. Too low. Its old moveset was actually better. It had a way to dodge damage that gave it an increase in damage along with the Wounding Counter. Now it just has wounding counter with Sideflap. Its a guaranteed dodge, but with Resilient so prevelent, its not gonna be much help. Swap In Dodge is a bit better though than Swap In Wound, as it is a way to mitigate some damage. With the moveset like it is, its kinda weak, as its forced to battle through 2 turns, and with such low health, its really not that good for it. Here is my thoughts:


I’m surprised because someone say that it only has one strongest moves. Not even Damage Over Time isn’t helpful

Its ok, and does help to take out tanks. However, it was just too weak to really utilize it. Stygi at least has some potential with her swooping and her moderate health, but this dude just doesn’t have the health to do that with most resilients.

Yeah, this is the only hybrids I could think of that needs an upgrade version

I haven’t seen the rest, but I do agree that this guy needs just a straight upgrade.

Same with some

Ight. Ill be here when they arrive.

It still depends

Peteinorex sounds nice but i think indominus gen 2 would be better since we already have 2 uniqe indominus hybrids

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Nodopatosaurus: Am I a joke to you?

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I know but i say we have two uniqe indominus hybrids so we should get a seccond legendary one instead

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It’s still fanmade

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I know it’s fanmade

Make it be an I Rex GEN 2 hybrid would be kinda nice, since it only has indoraptor gen 2 as a hybrid, and do think damage need a minor boost considering it is an unique fierce made from an indominus.

I did fanmade of hybrids with that

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that’s nice

A little fanmade Indoraptor GEN 2 hybrid

This isn’t a hybrid maker

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Will this be done for only hybrids that Snake has drawn for you?