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Hybrid rig designs

Hybrids we need

Now, I’ve seen hybrids of all shapes and sizes, but I feel like there’s a few designs that could be added

Here are the base creatures

Crocodilian (short legs) crocodilian (long legs) hadrosaur, ceratopsian sauropod (shorter necked) sauropod (longer necked) pterosaur (small)
Pterosaur (medium) pterosaur (large), theropod (small) theropod (medium) theropod (large) quadrupedal theropod, Ornithomimid rig.

Some of my ideas would be crocodilian (short legs) + pterosaur (long necked) or maybe hadrosaur and ceratopsian

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Hmm, I like the Hadrosaur + Ceratopsian idea a lot, maybe a way to give Eddie (Edmontiguana) a hybrid


A crocodilian pterosaur does sound amazing!

Edmontoguana + Triceratops GEN 2
Health 4660
Attack 1130
Speed 110
Armor 10%
Crit 5%

Superiority Strike
Nullifying Rampage
Regenerate & Run
Greater Stunning Impact
Swap In Stun I would do some art but I am really busy.

I can’t picture the Pterosaur-Crocodilian, but it could be cool. Like a ferocious Pterosaur with Crocodilian scales and such?