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Hybrid Showcase!

I updated the Rhino Queen and made another new hybrid

(if Peloroceratotherium has too much health then I can nerf it to around 4900, unless the previous version is already perfect.)


The hp is fine
For allovenator, remove the counter attack.


Removed the counter attack on Allovenator and made a new hybrid that should be great in Legendary+ raids!

(Legendary+ means any raids that are or higher than the Legendary rarity)


Allovenator looks great! And I just had a friend share me his new hybrid, Iguanaleo(Iguanodon and m lion) and now I see tsintaleo! It looks great! Would definitely want both added

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Stunning Shield should be Instant Defense Charge which will attack x1!


Here are 2 new Super-hybrid concepts I made


Struthiomimus hybrid!

Model would be sloth with feathers, and a struthio neck and face

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A hybrid to go along

Model would be a raptor with the neck of struthiomimus, feathers all across its body, and a sloth- ish face

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Death basically

Try and stop him I dare you

lol cringe

carno one shot it

Which carno

rare one. 10

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How’s this hybrid?

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For a LW Plus RR combo, it’s actually very balanced! I would only change one thing, either reduce taunt resist to 0% or increase it to 100%. Otherwise, great concept!


Can anyone make two hybrids from this poll?[poll type=multiple results=always min=1 max=2 chartType=bar]

  • Entelogorus (entelodon + gorgosaurus)
  • Bajadatyrannus(bajadasaurus + trex
  • Ouranotherium(ouranosaurus + archeotherium
  • Gorgocevia(gorgonops + inostrancevia
  • Sarcomoxes(sarcosuchus +czalmoxes
  • Scutops(scutosaurus +arctops

Here’s two