Hybrid Showcase!

Entacronyx, if level 30 and max attack boosted, by itself can do 15950 attack with RTC+MF+ Rampage. In a raid w/ 3 irritators, it can do 31900 attack on rampage if I’m right

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A couple of randomized uniques


I had an idea for a bird theropod super hybrid
So I wanted to use grylenken as the base and I chose Albertosaurus because gorgo T. rex and T. rex Gen 2 all have two hybrids and Albertosaurus has none
I washed to make it really powerful and meta relevant but not op
Here’s how I thought it should look
A big theropod covered on a thick coat of purple and red feathers
It has small arm wings with two clawed fingers
The head is a huge dodo like beak filled with lots of sharp teeth
The tail is thick and powerful and also covered with feathers
Here’s the final result


Here are three more cool hybrids I think should be in game
Idea one: the venemous crocodilian
I wanted a more offensive unique crocodile that wasn’t just a chomper so I created my own ingredients for this
I imagined it as a green and yellow crocodile with a long snout with jagged teeth

Idea two: the nocturnal saber tooth
I washed a cool starter unique cunning so I created this hybrid
I imagined it as a black saber toothed cat with very thick fur and glowing green eyes with slit pupils
It has very long saber teeth and a large head as well as sharp claws

Idea three: the unique raptor
I wanted to have a unique with the raptor animation and I also wanted to give alloraptor a hybrid so I created this creature
I imagined it as a purple and indigo huge raptor which is muscular and has bright crests over the eyes as well as large teeth


Yeah but this isn’t meant to be a grylenken clone
We already have a unique terror bird
This hybrid is a reasonably fast chomper designed to take down big tanks
If you want to use grylenken that’s fine
This hybrid was made to fulfill a different niche like Thor, mortem, and IndoT
The reason it lost armor kids because it no longer has crocodilian scales it only has feathers which will give less protection

Yeah but it doesn’t have lythro animation
It has the T. rex animation
I picked lythro as the outline because it’s the only large theropod with feathers

I tried mixing Alloraptor and Troodon before and realised you can make it have all rampages

Yeah I know but I wanted to make it balanced

I do think that troodon and allocator need a hybrid but both of them together might not be the best idea. But u can always do the battle sim.

O snap is there an official announcement or some art that u can share?

It’s a probably a datamine.

O ok.

Made my first Apex hybrid using only custom creatures.

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What do you think?


That description speaks for itself this thing (if in irl) would tear you apart lol
But y does it have armor?

The translation doesn’t match the name. “Argentonax” would mean “Argentinian King”.


I called it tufted murderer because it’s fluffy.

I know that but “Argentonax” isn’t consistent with the translation. I don’t know what word would be used for “tufted” but “-phoneus” is the suffix for murderer, like Teratophoneus the “Monstrous murderer”.


Randomized Unique