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Hybrid Showdown - 9/7/19

If anyone was interested in lineups for today’s Hybrid Showdown, here’s my experience.
Rounds 1, 4, and 5 were against teams of three. If you have the numbers, or are patient enough to wait for cooldowns, these can be won using creatures below tournament level. Rounds 2 and 3 were mirror challenges.


I was excited about the pack until I scrolled to the right…

come on Ludia no need to put the DNA prize at such a high percentage on the last card, you should have just split that % amongst the common hybrids at the end and left DNA off the 4th card chances.


I got this beautiful guy! Tank you @Andy_wan_kenobi for telling us how the opponents are! Because I wanted to skip it first, but when I saw your post, I played and got this


And for those that don’t know you can elect to only bring one creature to the Mirror battles if you so choose.


I went ahead and did it too, only got one of the commons but hey, better than that lame DNA reward. Ludia sure getting cheaper every day on these prize packs.


I managed to get through the dino charge event too, always a hard one for me. The first went pretty well, the second two were both nail biters for me, particularly the last one, where I lost my first dino too early, but managed to pull it out by the skin of my teeth. Was using 2 carnivores, and kept running into a lot of amphis… until I switched to a ptero in the last one, THEN I didn’t get many until the end. Figures. Now just waiting on more stuff to cool down to do another tournament run, definitely glad for all the VIPs I have as I did have to use some of the hybrids that typically I use in tournament battles, and take much longer to CD.

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Well, I’ll skip it. Umoonasaurus is more important for me, but if there was no Tournament, I would do this event…the cooldown is tue problem, so I’m looking forward to the update with a new way to pay for cooldown

I’m quite sure you will be suprised…and afraid that it will not be a pleasant one.:thinking:


Yeah, not holding my breath on that update for sure. I don’t see it being something that is going to be that much of a benefit in our direction.


I only have 10 hybrids, and most of them are level 10, so I’ll need to skip this one, I’m afraid, seeing as I got a rogue Indominus from a roulette that’s skewing the enemy ferocity waaaaay up compared to the rest of them.