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Hybrid Spreadsheets?

Hi there,

This may be a redundant question, but I was wondering if anyone out there has published creature spreadsheets for hybrids approximating the amount of DNA And coins required to create the hybrid? I know that the numbers would have to be approximate (like a list that states the minimum and maximum DNA/coins required of creature x + creature y = creature z).

Has anyone published such a sheet?

Thanks so much!

You can download this app. It will tell you that information and more

That app is great for planning your level ups and deciding what to boost! I love it

I make my own spreadsheets to determine DNA needed.

All of them use an assumed factor of 22.5 Hybrid DNA created per combine. I think this gives me a confidence rating of about 68% accuracy. Almost all of the high end hybrids, have a hybrid ingredient and a singular ingredient. No Dinosaur as of yet uses 4 ingredients.
I hope this makes sense.

TY everyone!