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Hybrid suggestion


I can’t stop thinking about this hybrid “ Unique” or Legendary from both of this guys, I think he would be awesome and could finally bring sole diversity to raptors DNA other than the common one . Specially BLUE

This would be his stats and set of movements, any other ideas.?

Rarity : UNIQUE if blue needs to be raised to 20 or Legendary if 15 only . Procera needs to be 20 level as well.

Health: 2800
Damage: 1200
Speed : 131
Armor: 0
Critical : 5%


-Nullifying strike x 1 (1200)
-Pounce 2x ( 2400) Target damage is reduced by 50% by 2 turns ( cool down 2, delay 1)
-Instant shield : Deal 1x (1200) 50% shield for 2 turns ( cool down :1)
-Evasive stance : gain 50% chance of dodge direct damage for 3 turns .

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sounds cool. that means everything with pounce will have delay 1 then. not sure thatll work. i always wanted to see different forms of indoraptors like with all the raptors x irex, thats another idea. so they all gain evasive stance and maybe different colored indos.

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Your Pounce version is Distraction Rampage lol.