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Hybrid suggestions for Dr. Wu

It’s impressive what you can do with some Lego bricks and a little imagination. The Lego models will help Ludia people understand better the appearance of this possible hybrids.

My first Suggestion , soon…

Here is a more accurate view of Aerodus

Attack 2107
Health 10160
Cost 49000 DNA


This is a good idea, but we just got a high health flyer. We would rather need a glass cannon amphibian or a high health herbivore.

Totally agree. I just give to Ludia a pterosaur suggestion when it is the right time to add a new pterosaur hybrid.

I’ll make a amphibian

I have some amphibians and Herbivores ideas too. I hope to have enough bricks…

A new hybrid is splashing into the market!!!

Get the new Eryocheirus by fusing ERYOPS and Deinocheirus!!!
Costs 57,600 DNA