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Hybrid suggestions


Due to my internet being down for a few days there won’t be a Dinosaur of the Day probably until the weekend so instead let’s have some fun.

Utilising dinosaurs in the game what hybrids would like to see and what would you give them?

A sauropod set of stats but with higher damage and a shield/armour breaker attack.

Tyrannosaur with boney plates giving us a Rex with some defenses stat and protective abilities.

Basically a flying raptor with swap in shields and other pterosaur abilities.

Anyone else?

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New Upgrades

Ankylocodon + Diplodocus
Immune Sauropod with Diplodocus’ moveset except basic attack being armor piercing and getting a short defense as 4th move.


Slow bleeder with armor, Vulnerability strike, slowing impact, Lethal wound, Instant invincibility or Instant distraction


Im suggesting for ludia to create a unique involving any of these type species:-

flying unique
long neck unique
3x horns unique

i think enough creating same unique dino that almost all the same species and almost same ability. time to change flavor.


I agree.
We had no chomper unique before 1.5 (except tryko which used to be not that great) and we got 2 of them, had no crocodile unique and got one so I’m confident we are gonna get your suggested ones at some point.


Titanboa(rare) and suchotator( rare), I think ludia are doing a great job so far, however when donating in aliances make the gold you recieve more please it should be whatever you donate plus 1 or 2 0’s otherwise it is very hard to collect coins.

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I think they should add spinoraptor and carnoraptor and you have to have a level 7 carnotaurus and spinosaurus and a velociraptor level seven to make the carnoraptor and spinal raptor I think those will make a really good hybrid and I love the sea I since you have it in Jurassic world the game


I like the idea of a Tyrannosaur and Stegosaur hybrid.

How about Miragaia + T. Rex Gen 2 = Tyrannogaia

Shielding strike
Defense shattering counter attack (0.5x)
Defense shattering Impact

15% crit chance
110 speed? Maybe?


Okay, so I thought of three hybrids I’d like to see in-game.

#1 - Suchorixis

DNA 1 - Suchotator, DNA 2 - Sarcorixis

Design - A Suchotator type dinosaur with armor and scales of Sarcorixis, as Well as, Sarcorixis’ Crown.

Skill set -

Pinning Strike
Ferocious Impact
Defense Shattering Impact
Swap in Invincibility.

Stat wise, im not too sure, I’d assume Suchorixis would be a more bulky Suchotator, with more health and power and the addition of armor but less speed due to the added armor. I don’t know yet.

#2 - Toujioraptor

DNA 1 - Utahraptor (or Pyroraptor) DNA 2- Toujiangosaurus (the purple Stegosaurus, I’ll edit the name if I butchered it)

Design - A raptor type dinosaur who sports Toujiangosaurus’ Purple spikes, the tail could have a miniature Thagomizer. It’ll also have the raptors sharp claws and teeth.

Skill set -

Superiority Strike
Slowing Impact
Distracting Impact
Increase Critacal Strike
Swap In Slow.

Stat wise - again I’m not to sure, I do know that I’d want this raptor hybrid to have more health than the other, non hybrid raptors. I’d also make sure this one is slower than the other raptors.

#3 - Anklyodontosaurus

DNA 1 - Secodontosaurus DNA 2 - Alankylosaurus

Design - Alankylosaurus’ structure with the added sail of Secodontosaurus, Sharp teeth protruding the long snout.

Skills set -

Defense Shattering Strike
Long Invincibility
Extended Critical Strike
Armor Piercing Rampage
Armor Piercing Counter (minimal)
Swap in Invincibility.

Stat wise - This Pterosaur fusion of Alankylosaurus would have lower health than it’s flying parent, mostly due to the addition of Immunity, but will have much more power, thanks to the added DNA of Secodontosaurus. I’d want around the same speed as Alankylosaurus, maybe +/- 1/2.

Aaanyways lemme know what you think of these three. :slight_smile:

I lied, I thought of two more hybrids.

#4 - Anklyomimus

DNA 1 - Ankylodon DNA 2 - Ornithomimus

Design - A Ornithomimus based dinosaur with the added armory scales of Anklyodon. This hybrid would lack Ankylodons Club Tail.

Skill set -

Armor Piercing Strike
Shield Advantage
Rampage And Run
Long Invincibility
Swap in Invincibility.

Stat wise - Anklyomimus would have less speed than it’s brethren, however thanks to its added armor it can take much more hits than them. It sacrifices the controversial “Evasive strike & Stance” but in return can ensure it’s survivability, unless it’s shields get broke. Anklyomimus would have more health and a tiny bit more power than Monomimus, but less speed.

#5 - Majundaceratops

DNA 1 - Majundasuchus DNA 2 - Dracoceratops

Design - Majundasuchus based dinosaur, with the frill and horns of Dracoceratops, it’s a more yellow-ish gold like Dracoceratops. Still retains Majundasuchus’ sharp claws and teeth.

Skill set -

Superiority Strike
Cleansing Impact
Ferocious Strike ( or Instant Charge )
Defense Shattering Rampage
Swap in Ferocity
Defense Shattering Counter (.50)

Stat wise - Majundaceratops would be a much bulkier Majundasuchus, with more Health, power and Armor than it’s parent. It’ll lose the speed due to more armor added but thanks to the inherited Superiority Strike, it can keep speedsters in check.

These are all I have for now, I’ll edit this post with more Hybrids i can come up with :slight_smile:

Another Hybrid for this list.

#6 - Dimetroynix

DNA 1 - Dimetrodon Gen 2 DNA 2 - Baryonyx Gen 2

Design - A Baryonyx based dinosaur who sports both, Dimetrodon Gen 2’s Brownish-gold color and redish-purple sail.

Skill set -

Armor Piercing Strike
Ready To Crush
Ferocious Strike
Armor Piercing Rampage

Stat wise - Dimetroynix would be the epic equivalent of the legendary Trystonix. Dimetroynix would have more health than it’s legendary counterpart but less power and speed.

Two more for this already long list.

#7 Kentrosuchus

DNA 1 - Sarcosuchus DNA 2 - Kentrosaurus

Design: Sarcosuchus base with the backward facing spikes of Kentrosaurus running along the back.

Skill set -

Pinning Strike
Lethal Wound
Slowing Impact
Instant Cripple
Armor Piercing Counter attack 0.5x
Swap In Wound

Stat wise - Kentrosuchus would be a more bulkier Sarcosuchus. It would have a higher power and life stat than it’s parents but, thanks to the added Armor, it’ll be slower than it’s epic parent, Kentrosaurus.

#8 Nundametrodon

DNA 1 - Nundasuchus DNA 2 - Monolometrodon

Design: Nundasuchus base with the sail and horn of Monolometrodon. Small spikes could cover the legs.

Skill set -

Nullifying Strike
Ferocious Impact
Defense Shattering Rampage
Distracting Impact

Stat wise - A much faster Monolometrodon. Nundametrodon would be a semi-glass cannon, being able to take a few hits then die. It would boast higher Speed and Power than it’s parents but have a tad bit more life than them.


Erliphosaurus (JW:TG)
Design:just like The JW:TG one lvl at 30/40
Fusion parents: dilophosaurus+erlikosaurus G2
Moves set:
-Minimal speed-up strike
-Distracting Rampage/impact
-Nullifying impact
Toughts about this?



Speed 127
Attack 1350
Health 3250

Moves : Evasive Strike
Nullifying Impact
Defense Shattering Rampage
Extented Critical Strike (Mix of evasive stance and critical impact)

Would love this and would create it so fast

Procerahosaurus (Wuer+ Procerato)

Speed 125
Attack 1400
Health 3000
Armor 20%

Moves : Superiority strike
Distracting Rampage
Instant distraction

Perfect Dino as well

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Blue + Ornithomimus
more defensive raptor fuse with more fast chicken.

-Evasive Strike
-Short Defense
-Impact and run
Passive: Immunity

Health 2600
Damage 1300
Speed 131
Defence 10%
Critical chance 5%

Gigaspikasaur + Ankyntrosaurus
Most high armor fuse with most defensive set

-Nullifyng strike
-Instant distraction
-Decelerating impact
-Short Defense
Passive: Counter 0.5x

Health 4700
Damage 1000
Speed 111
Defence 50%
Critical chance 5%

Megalosuchus + Diplocaulus gen 2
Counter attack dinosaur based on enemy’s debuff than defensive set

-Pinning strike
-Distracting strike
-Instant distraction
-Short defense
Passive:Armor piercing counter 1x

Health 4450
Damage 1100
Speed 121
Defence 0%
Critical chance 5%

Spinosaurus gen 2 + Sarcorixis
Sceal movement enemy and kill in time

-Lockdown strike
-Lethal Wuond
-Greater stunning attack
Passive: Swap in defense

Health 3900
Damage 1250
Speed 119
Defence 15%
Critical chance 5%

Einiagaia (epic)
Einiasuchus + Miragaia
More defensive set for this counter

-Shielding strike
-Ferocious strike

Health 3400
Damage 1200
Speed 116
Defence 20%
Critical chance 5%

Spinaurixis + Einiagaia
Bleeder defensive

-Shielding strike
-Lethal wound
-Greater stunning attack
Passive: Armor piercing counter

Health 3600
Damage 1000
Speed 117
Defence 10%
Critical chance 5%

Miracodon epic rarity made with
Lvl 10 miragaia and lvl 10 ophiacodon

Move set:
Shielding strike- 1x damage 50% 1 turn

Armour/or/Shield piercing rampage- by passes armour 2x damage. Cooldown 1 delay 1

Defense shattering impact- 1.5x damage cooldown 1

Regeneration- heal 50% max hp .

immunity (passive)
Maximal counter- NON-ARMOUR PIERCING deal 1x damage

Stats at lvl 11 base lvl
Damage: 468
Speed: 121
Critical chance: 5%
Armour: 5-20% (you pick ludia)

Lemme know your thoughts. =D

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Brachiosuchus (unique)
Brachiosaurus + Gryposuchus (so brachiosaurus model with gryposuchus’ exoskeleton)
Hp at lv 21 4750 attack 990
20% armor
30% critical
115 speed
Ferocious strike
Lock down impact


My son came up with a new unique hybrid Allonkylosaurus. He also came up with the level 30 stats and moves!

He would be over the moon if they made this.

HP 4786
Speed 116
Attack 1990
Critical 20%
Armor 40%

Armor piercing strike
Long protection
Defense shattering rampage
Long invincibility
Swap in shield


Carnotagaia Epic lvl 11

Move set:
Armour piercing strike: by passes armour 1x dmg

long defense: 1x dmg shield for 4 turns cooldown 4

ferocious impact: 1.5x dmg 50% more dmg for 2 turns cooldown 3

Regeneration: regenerate 50% health cleanse cooldown 3 turns

Abilities: swap in shield or defense shattering strike

Armour piercing counter (passive)

Stats base lvl 11:
Health: 2487
Damage: 438-560
Speed: 106
Crit chance: 5%
Armour: 20%


Uses Carnotaurus and Miragaia both lvl 10.

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It would be like a entry level Rajakylosaurus. Would be cool for lower arenas.

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Arambourgiana lvl 15 + Secodontosaurus lvl 15

Move Set:

Defense shattering strike: Deal 1x dmg by passes defense.

Long defense: Deal 1x dmg shield for 4 turns.

Defense shattering Rampage: Deal 2x dmg bypasses defenses

Impact and Run: Deal 1.5x dmg automatic swap

Swap in Defense
Passive Immunity

Stats at lvl 26:

Health: 3950
Attack: 1290
Armour: 0%
Speed: 117
Critical Chance: 5%


Concavenator(15)+Procerathomimus(15)= Concerathator(Legendary)

Moves: Evasive Strike, Distracting Rampage, Instant Cripple, Short Defense

Passive: SIA Nullify, Immunity, 1X Nullify Counter(New)

125 Speed, 20% Crit

Maiasaura(15)+Diplodocus(15)= Maiadocus(Legendary)

Moves: Pinning Strike, Decelerating Rampage, Instant Rampage, Shield Advantage

Passive: SIA Stun

105 Speed, 5% Crit

Maialodocus(20)+Miragaia(20)= Gaiasaura(Unique)

Moves: Superiority Strike, Instant Rampage, Regenerate, Instant Invincibility

Passive: SIA Stun, 1X Shattering Counter

108 Speed, 5% Crit, 15% Armor

A couple I thought of using the new stuff in 1.6