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Hybrid suggestions

Nice ideas here. Keep them coming. :slight_smile:

The Concavenator procerathomimus hybrid kinda OP, I think.

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Probably so. I just want it’s hybrid to be a good one if it gets one lol

Still want Carnoraptor from JWTG but another neat idea would be the Kentropatotitan. A Unique fusion of the Kentrosaurus and the Nodopatotitan. Would be the Brachi animation and have large spikes erupting from it’s back. Think of it as a much bulkier and harder hitting Nodopatotitan with a higher tier counter attack



I have not yet thought about the statistics on “Powers”…

I think Pterovexus is such a trash hybrid honestly seen my cousin (a hacker) play and it was sooooo trash couldn’t tank a single hit, Stigydaryx is 10x better.

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A couple more I thought of:

Pachycephalosaurus+Postosuchus= Postycephalosaurus (Legendary)

Moves: Shield Strike, Adrenaline Surge, Decelerating Impact, Impact&Run

Passive: SIA Shattering Strike

125 Speed, 5% Crit

Postycephalosaurus+Spinosaurus= Spinotholus (Unique)

Moves: Shield Strike, Cleansing Impact, Exploit Wound, Rampage&Run

Passive: None

124 Speed, 10% Critical

Argentinosaurus(15)+Wuerhosaurus(15)= Wuerhotitan (Legendary)

Moves: Pinning Strike, Decelerating Impact, Extended Critical Strike, Instant Cripple

Passive: SIA Slow, Medium Counter Attack

108 Speed, 20% Critical, 15% Armor

Wuerhotitan+Secodontosaurus= Secohotitan (Unique)

Moves: Pinning Strike, Critical Impact, Extended Critical Strike, Instant Cripple

Passive: Immunity, SIA Slow, Minor Counter Attack

109 Speed, 10% Critical, 10% Armor

I think new hybrid lines to a unique land croc and sauropod would be super cool, and are things we don’t have yet. The pachy-croc would play pretty well into the whole swap meta at both legendary and unique stages, and the argentino unique could give us an offensive sauropod that can’t be bled out which is the fate of 99% of sauropods right now really.

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Am I too late, because I had an ABSURD idea before 1.6. Before the reveals of Procerathomimus, aka the Christmas Ostrich, and Pterovexus, I wanted a hybrid for both Monomimus and Ornithomimus. So my crazy brain came up with the insanity that was Mononithomimus. It’s exactly as ridiculous as it sounds. Never thought of a design or moveset for it, but this is the kind of stuff my brain comes up with. :grin:

A hybrid let’s see hmm. Pterodon needs a hybrid and so does Concavenator.

Lvl 15 Pteranodon + Lvl 15 Concavenator


Move Set:

Vulnerability strike.

Long Defense.

ferocious impact.

Armour piercing Impact

Armour piercing counter
Swap in Ferocity or Defense.

Stats at lvl 26:

Damage: 1050
Speed: 120-127
Critical Chance: 5%
Defense: 0%

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A unique Sauropod is necessary.

Diplosuchus: Diplotator + Sarcosuchus
Pinning Strike
Ready to Crush
Nullifying Rampage
Deliberating Distraction
Swap in Wound

Brachiogaia: Brachiosaurus + Miragaia
Superiority Strike
Armor Piercing Rampage
Adrenaline Pulse
Medium Armor Piercing Counter Attack

Thericerarex: Dracoceratops + Therizinosaurus
Minimal Speed Strike
Ferocious Impact
Instant Charge
Regenerate and Run
Swap in Shattering Rampage

Monorannotitan: Monolophosaurus GEN 2 + Tyrannotitan
Vulnerability Strike
Deliberating Distraction
Defense Shattering Rampage

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Argintimimus (sucomimus argentinasaurus)

Swap bleed
Long shield
Gashing wound.
Defense shattering. 25 .50 counter

Hp: same as long necks
Attack: slightly lower than long necks.
Speed: slightly faster

Basically bring him in absorb damage trap them bleeding.

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I think we need more imunne hybrid to stop bleeder rule this game

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I agree, immune dinos are in a higher demand then ever.

Maybe some like

Ophiacodon+Dsungaripterus= Ophiaripterus (Epic)

Shattering Strike, Ferocious Impact, Armor Piercing Rampage, Short Defense

Immune, 1X Armor Piercing Counter

124 Speed, 20% Critical

Monolometrodon+Einiosaurus= Einiolodon (Unique)

Nullify Strike, Shattering Impact, Stunning Impact, Distracting Impact


126 Speed, 15% Armor, 5% Critical

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Unique hybrid
Lvl 20 Brachiosaur + Miragaia lvl 20

Move Set:

shielding strike



regen & run

Hp: 4500
Damage: 1120
Critical chance: 20%
Armour: 10%
Speed: 114

Armour piercing counter
Swap in decelerating strike

Thoughts on this Hybrid lemme know.

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For future hybrids for JWA, I would like to see a carnotaurus hybrid for future upgrades. Also I would love to see Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex hybrid. Last but not least, soem Cenozoic and Aquatic creatures.


T rex already has 4 hybrids we don’t need another one. (Erildominus, Trykosaur, Indominus Rex, and Indoraptor.