Hybrid Tiers Based On Game Logic

This may be useless information, but I just thought I’d show where endgame hybrids should stand based on how we were told they’d be measured in “its as strong as its ingredients.”

Again, probably useless information, but it does offer some head scratching. Obviously the higher the tier the better they should be logically, and some are already where they fit in right now. Some are… way way off. I know the abilities of certain creatures are better than others, but again this is strictly based on game logic

Tier 1: 3 Epics


Tier 2: 2 Epics, 1 Rare


Tier 3: 2 Epics, 1 Common


Tier 4: 1 Epic, 2 Rares


Tier 5: 1 Epic, 1 Rare, 1 Common


Tier 6: 1 Epic, 2 Commons


Tier 7: Obtainable Goal


Tier 8: 3 Rares


Tier 9: Less than 3 Rares


(^)means exclusive DNA that could mean tier compensation

I think this should be a good method of determining stat strength, the better ingredients give higher stats? Because just by the game’s logic, Ardentismaxima, Pterovexus, and Dioraja should be much better than they are, and one certain green hybrid could use a few bumps down

Hopefully I didn’t leave any out lol



can we stop about the stupid logic which have no way but breaking the game?thanks

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I agree with this logic. They keep saying what rarities are used in the hybrids will matter, but then they don’t. :thinking:


I get the point and idea, but i dont like them.

This would only imbalance the game.
Ludia cant follow this path. If we balance like that tryko will be god tier but her counters are all much weeker (tento/thor).

Ludia is on a good way to balance dinos, beside boosts, the game is pretty healthy.
Sure some small buffs for underperforming uniques are needed, but ludia is doing this every then and now (dioraja, tura, birds, gemini).

The power of a dino should be based on the rarety (unique strongest). And all uniques need to be equal. Sure counter here some luck their, but overall every unique should be a lategame goal and perform like that.

“”“Urinex main flys away”"""

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Thor being much weaker than tryko? Have you been in arena at all this patch?

This is not a representation of what is

Only what should be based on game logic tooltips

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I think Tryko is pretty Tier 1 “Tyrant” as is anyway. I can’t imagine it being buffed again if they started following their own rules

There are good points and counterpoints to each system, but as I said in OP, this does not take in account the abilities of any listed creature

Just like in JW:TG and JP:B different hybrids and dinos have a total power level based on HP and Attack, and there is bound to be one that tops the scale. This would be trailing into that system. It’d be a great way to dole out HP, Attack, and Speed buffs based on how strong the ingredients were.

For example:
Trykosaurus 1299 Power
Ardentismaxima 1296 Power
Erlidominus 1270 Power
Tragodistis 1099 Power
Diplotator 480 Power

It takes no account of abilities, just raw stat strength. A Dino may have a huge power level, but still be glass HP wise while having giant attack. The abilities can determine how they fill out a team like how they do now, and of course the counters still remain. Tryko may be the power level leader in this system for now until another triple epic enters the game, but it’d still suffer against bad matchups just like it does now

It’s just strictly a way of balancing what has the best stats

I can see your side though, endgame creatures should be on equal terms

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This Logic sucks. I am happy for Ludia just saying it instead of doing it.


Any reason why?

Saying something sucks is a terrible argument

  1. Leveling unique with lower rarity ingredients would be same as overleveling non-hybrid, which is going to be useless at the end (even in weekend tourney…)
  2. There would be 0 diversity for end game team
  3. Ludia would not implement this logic because they want to make the life of this game longer, and people spending most of their time darting commons
  4. To make the game more fun and competitive, just make it simple and balanced (all uniques equal power) Boost already proved it, reversely.

I was not saying YOUR logic sucks btw…

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When was the last time you’ve battled against a Thor in the arena? There’s no balance to it. A boosted thor can easily 3-0 an entire team of uniques. Talking about overpowered and God tier…