Hybrid typos?

Are these Dino levels correct. Level 20 for legendary… 150 fuse for unique ???


I was just about to post this! It must be a typo, but everything else about the update has been amazing so far!

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Weird right? We know XD

I was also just about to post this, surely that is not right!

@Jorge @J.C Devs need to know these are messed up.

So confused haha

Hey DPG members, our team has been notified, and they’re looking into it. :slight_smile:


rip to everyone that evolved to 20 already.
how will 100 unique dna be fixed after people already created it by now?


devs are already on it



Yeah, this is stupid right XD

Bug or is that real?

Yeah i was very upset for a minute, can this please be fixed in less than 1-3 weeks please? I have everything ready for the Tany unique and I’d like to get it made.

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Also one of my alliance members just wasted her quetz dna trying to get it to 20 for the hybrid. Not asking for a handout but can they put in a ticket for it since its not their fault? @Ned @J.C

I’ve just logged into to get tany’s unique and i’m crying right now lol

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What about those of us who accidentally leveled one of them up a couple of levels by mistake? Don’t suppose the devs can fix that at all?


Two new creatures???

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Ugh. I leveled mine based on what it said! Literally just now. Can I get my dna back if they’re going to fix it?!

I was wondering the same. It doesn’t bother me because i knew it wasn’t right but some people may not have realized it. I doubt they can do anything to undo it but it would be nice if they did. It’ll just suck for some people.

I admit, I wasn’t paying attention. But yeah, otherwise I guess I’ll just have to suck it up.