Hybrid typos?

It appears to be a purely visual glitch, it happened to me too, but when i reloaded game it was correct

It wasn’t a visual glitch, it has just been fixed, but it was not visual.

Both are now fixed.

Oh wow ok then they fixed it quick

Same happened to me! Leveled up based on UI requirement, DNA and coins. Appreciate rolling that back!

Glad it’s fixed in game but can I get my dna back from playing in to their error? Send a message in game. Hopefully they can roll back my coins and DNA, should be pretty easy as neither bird is a hybrid. Hopefully. Fingers crossed!

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Hey DPG members, this issue has been addressed. If you had “overlevelled” your dinos for the new Hybrids because of this issue, please give our team a chance to make this right for you by contacting our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key. Thanks!


I just demanded refund of coins and DNA for levelling past 15. Waiting for answer, thinking of course they will refund.

I got to 140/150 on the unique. 140/250 now. If I got 150, would I have kept it or lost it by now?

well someone already took advantage of the 150 unique dna needed for the long neck unique :smiley: and pretty sure they can’t undo it now

Why would anyone level up to 20 for a legendary dino that’s gonna create at 16. It was obviously a glitch and people should have waited…

Thank you Ned for quick communication! Email sent. :wink:

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Hey come on… it’s a bit geeky of those of us who do know really that we know… a huge amount of players will just… play the game and if it says you need to be X level then wouldn’t question it. Also who said Ludia wouldn’t change the rules for a creature? Just because that’s what it’s always been doesn’t mean it couldn’t have possibly have been deliberate - if the component creatures were easier to get for example. At one point no-one thought 2 commons could make a Legend… but that happened. It’s not obvious at all I don’t think.

YES hats off to Ludia for sorting this out in lightning speed! I thought we’d be waiting days. Very happy & impressed! Thanks @Ned et al :smiley::+1:

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Thank you Ned for understanding

Thanks for the quick response.

People getting help for overleving is correct.
but what about some people having 100 unique dna discount on ardentis?
How can that even be fixed?
@J.C @Ned

I saw it wasn’t created yet and started clicking.
I didn’t look at if it was a legendary or unique, I looked at the requirement and started unlocking everything. I’m more of a meta guy and don’t pay attention to leveling stuff.
I wasn’t interested in how it worked at all till well… this fiasco. LOL

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I want to know what the 2 unknown dinosaurs were at the not collected area that were removed after the fix that’s being discussed. I didn’t screenshot it but looks like @kiros did.

Allosaurus G2 and something else.
People fought the bots and posted the info on reddit.
The other one was a rhino looking thing

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I’ve been wondering when some dinos we’re going to get gen 2 that don’t have them yet. So there’s pics of them?