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Hybrid vs parent #1

Who is better

In this corner we have the mighty and powerful rare hybrid… Suchotator!

And below we have it’s supposed better hybrid the ferocious,ravenous epic super hybrid …thylacotator!

Who is your favoritism and allegiance with

  • Thylacotator
  • Suchotator

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Thyla has a more robust kit

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True but can’t null but we’ll see what votes say I mean I know who I like but still like to know other people’s opinions

Dang seems like a no contest

One word: Rending Takedown. That can knock down the health of a 9K HP Maxima when set up right. And when you get higher, HP starts getting bigger, and you need something that can deal with that.


Swap-In Distraction offers more tactical versatility, and that’s more important to me than Rending Takedown.


Suchotator was the hybrid we all needed, and Thylacotator was the hybrid Suchotator deserved.


I would agree with that. Can’t tell you how many times Thyla has been swapped in on my Tryko or Thor DSR and just absorbs the hit. And then is ready to bleed or use RT to pretty much knock me out.

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Well said!

Honestly tho just love it when those whales are shocked to see the otter just take it like it’s nothing

Couldn’t have said better if I tried

Honestly against maxima and Gemini all you need to do is DP and your set for Gemini you might have to do it twice cause of ID but man does it help a lot

I would say that both of them are good and they have different kind of roles. For example tator is very good utility dino bc of the different moves it has. On the other hand the thylacotator is used for takedown only high hp and high armor dinos bc of the bleed effect and the rending while can even dodge attack from slower heavy hitters and then kill them with a crtit takedown.

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Ya but overall…