Hybridization League 2 looking for members

Hey everyone, our alliance is looking for some new and active members. We are called “Hybridization League 2”. We’re hoping to return to a 5/5 if we get some more active members.

Please tell some more about your alliance. What is your current mission score? Do you have a chat? What kind of members are you looking for?

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Thanks for the reply. The leader of our old alliance suddenly quit playing. So we created a new alliance and about 35 people came over. We filled the other 15 people with either new players or inactive players. We’ve removed the most inactive players and are trying to rebuild our once 4/4-5/4 alliance. This week we went 3/3 (and very nearly 4/4) with a brand new alliance and for most of the week only having 35 members. We are optimistic that we can hit 5/5 if we continue weeding inactive members and adding active members. We use the chat feature regularly, but have discussed creating a discord or Facebook. Hope this clarifies anything!

Can i join

Of course - we just ask you to be active, polite, and love dinosaurs. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a good start for a good alliance :slight_smile:

I don’t battle but I do dart and donate a lot. Do you have a place for such a player?

Yes that will work.

Sent you a request

Already request to join my name is my ign Ryou96

I sent you a PM