Hybrids and dna


Does anyone feel like hybrids are a waste of dna, seems to me your just taking away from your already good Dino’s. Your using dna from 2 Dino’s to create a Dino that starts out so weak. There might be a couple exceptions. But I used alot of dna to create spinoraptor and I regret it


Yeah, some aren’t worth it.

Einiasuchus and Stegoceratops are though.


Spinotaraptor is worse than Utahraptor so it makes sense you regret it. However, with Spinotahraptor you can make yet another hybrid, Spinotasuchus, which is a real beast! So it’s not all loss :slight_smile:


Just fuse what you like or those that compliments your play style. Many are not made competitive until legendary fusion