Hybrids composed of 3 dinosaurs instead of 2

So you know what bugs me? That they are no Hybrid dinosaurs that use 3 creatures to make (not counting Super Hybrids just normal hybrids), I mean it makes sense why but a normal hybrid composed of 3 creatures would’ve been like a very fun challenge to make. We can also extend it to Super Hybrids being made of 3 creatures so here’s my ideas for new hybrids made out of 3 creatures instead of 2. Which I’ll be going through the ones that don’t have hybrids yet. (But also at the end there’ll be hybrids made of the normal 2 creatures)
Acrocanthosaurus + Amargasaurus + Compsognathus Gen 2 = Acromargagnathus Legendary
Super Hybrids
Alankylosaurus + Struthiomimus + Tyrannosaurus = Alankylomimirex Unique
Inostherium + Deinonychus + Carbonemys = Insonychomys Legendary
Velosrhachos + Troodoboa + Tsintamoth = Ophiomaximus Apex
Ok now for the traditional 2 creatures make a hybrid (Will be making stats about them on JWA Toolbox)
Dakotanops + Dilophosaurus = Dilophotanops Unique
Spinosaurus + Dodocevia = Spinocevia Unique
Spinocevia + Indominus Rex = Indospinocevia Apex
Sinokotaraptor + Indoraptor = Indosinokotaraptor Apex
Indotaurus + Grylenken = Indotaurolenken Apex
Fukimimus + Marsupial Lion = Fukimimileo Unique

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because money.

same problem with dna used for useless hybrids.

you have to spend dna to fuse a hybrid, then spend more to fuse a super hybrid. even if you would never use the intermediate hybrid.
then you have a brand new super hybrid using the same dna you spent for the first one. good luck.

we suggested years ago a way to extract dna back from hybrids, but the game monetization/engagement strategy doesn’t look this way.


I don’t exactly get what you are trying to say with this, 3 creatures for a hybrid would technically work and be functional.

The idea of money problems could be taken away with the fact that those tri-hybrids might/would not be able to have super hybrids created off of them.

And, even with a super hybrid, the rarities of the base hybrids could be kept low in order to prevent players from having a super difficult time getting them.

Common + common + common = Epic

Rare + rare + rare = Legendary

Epic + Epic + Epic = unique (this might be a stretch)

As I was writing this, I realized there is a problem with this strategy of a singular rarity, that being that all of those creatures would have to be a high lvl in order to be fused. I don’t know what methods would be implemented to stop this, but if anyone has any ideas…


I think it has something to do with the game itself. Like how would they show the third component because there isn’t enough space on one side of the fuse button to put a third component.
Also I don’t think the game is designed to allow this at all