Hybrids Concept - Spinorajasaur and Kentrocanthus

Hey guys! Yesterday me, @Cheeseeater and @SomeRandomDino casually discussed custom hybrids and Cheese suggested me to draw Kentrosaurus + Acanthostega. Here it is!

Iā€™d say this would probably work as a Resilient-Fierce hybrid. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

While sitting idle today I got an idea of Rajasaurus and Spinosaurus, so here is the Spinorajasaur!

This would probably do well for a pure fierce creature.

Let me know if you have feedback or suggestions! ā—‰ā€æā—‰


Idea for Kentrocanthus. Since JWA doesnt have Acanthostega, I went with Koolasuchus instead. Cunning Resilient Counter Attack, Master of Deceleration and Distraction.

Spinorajasaur is a Fierce Resilient Bleeder, with a counter, vulnerable, and deceleration to help against tanks and speedsters alike.


I just noticed that this is the jw alive forums :joy: Anyway, awesome work my homies. Hopefully these hybrids will be added in the game, or at least inspire some new hybrids.

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