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Hybrids & DNA Recovery


Firstly I would like to mention about potential future hybrids. Think what the game is needing right now isn’t more base dinos, which seem to be getting added with every patch, but using up dinos without hybrids / super hybrids. There are too many to list without a single hybrid, which ultimately means they are no use to man nor beast. Also there are are some hybrids desperately in need of a super, for instance Ankylocodon. Many of us sunk DNA / Coins in this early on but is totally outclassed at higher levels. I’d be quite happy to see no new base dinos for a few patches and use the current pool up. Dinos that come to mind are the ones we seem to be getting a load of DNA for atm through the weekly, Concavenator for instance, and Majungasaurus which although makes Majungasuchus it is also useless, in fire need of a super!

This ties nicely into my second point…I would like to see some devolution for DNA Recovery. There are dinos like Ankylocodon, that if they aren’t going to introduce a super hybrid for I would like to recover DNA from. In particular Ankylosaurus Gen II I am havin a huge issue with finding for Alankylosaurus, but I sunk a bucket load into the now useless Ankylocodon. Or maybe you overshot on a dino before a hybrid was released, what is you had a level 24 Allosinosaurus before Thoraldolosaur was released and what you really need is the DNA to level Thor up. Personally I overshot on Stegoceratops up to level 19 as I couldn’t find Monolophosaurus anywhere. Now I have some I can’t find Stego very often and can’t remember that time I saw triceratops. Would be nice to be able to take my Stegoceratops back down to 15 so I can ram a load of levels on a Monostegotops!

Thoughts :thinking:

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We need more dinosaurs, not hybrids.
This game is about dinosaurs, but ludia is focusing on hybrids to much. We need less hybrids, not more.


Name a single base dino that is used in competitive play. I would like to see a lot more unique hybrids so the choices are more varied. Too few Uniques atm that everyone ends up with the same. Introducing more dinos as well will also make it harder to find what you need, which can be a nightmare at times already.

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Technically the hybrids are dinosaurs too.


Thats the point. Many argue that the focus should be more on the base dinos and for them to be viable in arena.



They really really are.


Dinosaursare real, hybridsbis fictional and not real,


Many argue? First I’ve heard of it…irrelevant either way the game is hybrid orientated, it’s kinda the whole point of the game and one of the interesting bits imho. No chance Ludia will change that as its a core aspect of the game so instead of fantasising about stuff that will never happen…
Back to my original point, increasing the amount of Uniques, adding hybrids to the huge list that don’t haven’t them and devolving

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They really don’t.
I cant name a base dino used in competitive play because there arent any. That’s why we need more.


What does it matter? In terms of the game the hybrids are real, and that’s what we’re talking about.


And yes, they do. The game even has a neat little Family in the Order Saurischia: Chimeridae.


What does that have to do with the question?


Hybrids arent real dinosaurs.

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Would you care to explain your reasoning past “because i’m right hurr durr”


Within the canon, the dinosaurs are not actual dinosaurs because they have foreign (animal) DNA in them. None of them are pure.

Secondly, I am in full agreement that there are too many hybrids and not enough dinosaurs. I appreciate that the game uses hybrids as a sort of end game goal for players so it makes sense that they are there. However, I would really like to see some dinosaurs be just as good at the top end of the game as the legendary hybrids are.


What are you even saying?
Just stop arguing and accept the facts.:roll_eyes:


I’m like 98% sure you meant accept.

I’m saying that the hybrids are dinosaurs (the ones specifically made of dinosaurs) genetically and phylogenically.


Also I’d like to dispute the claim that this game is about dinosaurs. It’s never been about dinosaurs, the dinosaurs are the stepping stones to the hybrids. If this game was about dinosaurs there wouldn’t be any hybrids except for Indominus and Indoraptor.


Respectfully I disagree. JWA is a game based upon the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World franchise. Other than two very specific hybrids (and mankind’s folly of messing with genetic science) the films focus on dinosaurs brought back to life not the hybrids.

Now, I did say based, and Ludia have extrapolated that to give us more hybrids so that players have something to work towards other than just collecting DNA. The point is that there should be some dinosaurs that are viable at the same high levels as the majority of legendary hybrids.