Hybrids Do’s and Don’t


Hey everyone, I’m still fairly new here (lvl 7) and I’ve been saving up a bunch of dna and coins to start dumping into new hybrids. My question is, what hybrids should I stay away from? What basic hybrids are good for beginners? And what can I expect in the future?


Get einiasuchus…

Stay away from majungasucus.

All pointless in my opinion unless you’re wanting to use amargacphelus to make a tragoditis.


Einiasuchus. Get as much dna as possuble for nundasuchus and einiosaurus. The Einiasuchus is the best beginner and midgame hybrid that is easy to achieve
Trust me since I powered up my Einiosuchus I got up to marshes (arena 7)
Got her on lv19
Really freaking strong.
Forget about majundasuchus and suchotator.


Yeah…Einia is the best in rare class hybrids.
But don’t know why someone don’t like Majunda.

Here I use Einia, Majunda & Stegodeus (a great tank hybrid) to defeat a totally lv30 bot team.

Just want to mention, Majunda is also a I-rex counter. Believe it or not.


Why are you guys so against majundasuchus he is easy to level and makes a great raptor counter with cleansing impact if you are a few levels higher then the raptor it’s a 1 turn kill. And he’s great to level up for just leveling your level as well (cheap fusing mats and cost).

Check out Metahub for more info they just posted some good stuff for coin spending.


I’ve had good luck with Stegoceratops and I do rate that one.

I’m not really bothering with Hybrids though, with the exception of wanting Indominus and Indoraptor (since they are from the films), as I just want the real dinosaurs.


Awesome. Thanks for everyone input. Glad I didn’t put anything into Suchotato :joy:


Majungasucus is great early. for the simple fact that if a raptor is under around 500 hp you can swap Majungasucus in and finish him off before the next round. Majungasucus will get you arena 7 faster right before you start unlocking legendary.

Einiasuchus is over rated and out classed by arena 7. That heal does nothing significant. The stun is ok but you have other options with more stuns and even a hit and run.


Will Amargacphelus hinder my rank to the 3000? I’m currently 2742 and I’m 10 dna from unlocking it.


Don’t waste time with Postimetrodon.

Get and Einiasuchus and Stegoceratops as fast as you can. They’ll both be staples.


When I was around the same level, the two hybrids I relied on are were the gorgosuchus and stegoceratops. Created the majundasuchus, einiasuchus, and suchotator but never really used them.


I highly disagree. If you think Einiasuchus is overrated because the heal isn’t significant it means that you really didn’t learn how to use her. Einia’s strength isn’t self-healing at all, the healing is just a side effect of the cleansing to prevent dying for giving your opponent a free turn. But Einiasuchus is one of the most versatile, efficient and useful rares of the game, if not the most:

-She has great damage: A good damage stat plus her rotation means dealing 1.5x - 2x - 1.5x, basically 5x damage in three turns.
-She has good survavility: Not a bad health at all, a pretty decent 20% armor, a cleansing effect and some self-healing with situational uses.
-She has good speed too! If we consider 115-116 the average speed of bulky/tanky dinosaurs, her 117 speed goes a long way for such a high health (and high damage!) dinosaur, she attacks first more often than not.
-She doesn’t stun all the time (chances are 33% and 10% after all) but she does stun more than occasionally, basically giving you the game when that happens.
-And just as the icing on the cake, Einiasuchus is an effective counter of a Velociraptor as long as the Velociraptor is 1 level below. For example, a level 20 Einiasuchus can survive two Velociraptor hits and effectively kill it.

If used correctly, Einiasuchus can get you 3-0 wins even on Arena 7.

Point being for the OP: When it comes to hybrids, focus on Einiasuchus and avoid Suchotator!

As for the discussion at hand, Majundasuchus is good if you have Nundasuchus DNA and coin to spare, but always prioritize Einiasuchus. Mine is level 18 and I don’t regret it in the slightest.


Clearly don’t know how to use it then


Amarga is pointless mate… good defence but crap attack


I clearly have see it die more times than it has won.

Cirt, great. Stun, great. Keep your Jack of all trades I do fine without it and enjoy killing it.


Yeah, I’m not really jazzed about Amarga either.
I’ve currently got it on my team and am experimenting with it to see if I can find a role where it really shines, but so far it’s just costing me tokens. Best use I’ve found so far is use it to slow a fast critter and swap it out. And I can do that with a Stego.

Edit: In fact, that’s the problem, it doesn’t bring anything to the table that a regular Stego doesn’t have, but it also hits for a lot less and is slower.


Same here, I really wanted to add a cool tank to my team but Amargocephalus is not cutting it. It’s only ever truly been useful against an indominus because of that 100% shield, but Ankylo does that better, so I’m looking for a substitute again. Hope I can get Stegodeus soon :crossed_fingers:t3:


Majundasuchus is one of the best counter-strikers you can get early on, and on any Velociraptor 1 level below it it is the only dinosaur that can kill it in a single turn. All the “Immune” dinosaurs either won’t survive the Pounce, or don’t do enough damage. None of the other counter-strikers cleanse themselves before their attack.

Majundasuchus is also tough enough for a bait-and-switch in most pre-7 arenas. True, Einiasuchus is the better use of Nunda DNA, but my Majungasuchus has been the reason for many victories in my time.


Well by the sounds of it for now I’ll stick with Einiasuchus and Majungasuchus as long as I got a lot of Nunda dna. I’m close to Stegoceratops and I hear that’s a good stun tank, but should I save Stego dna for Stegodues? Or better yet let’s move the discussion to What should I prepare for the future? Is there a default comp at the moment or are there certain play style comps I should change to to fit my preference?


Due to Stegosaurus is very common everywhere, you don’t need to be afraid about this.
It will be enough for both Stegocera & Stegodeus, both are best tier tanks in this game.
Just catch any Stego you can see.

The limited source for them is the other part.
Stegocera limited by Triceratops, Stegodeus limited by Nodopatosaurus (a epic class hybrid).